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The HR profession grew by 42% from 2011 to 2021. However, the general workforce only had an increase of 10%.

by Khurram Shahzad
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Are you planning to elevate your HR career with CIPD courses in Dubai? CIPD courses in Dubai undoubtedly offer an extra milage to develop your skills and knowledge. It helps in enhancing your HR career to heightened levels. These CIPD courses will benefit your professional development and career progression. Moreover, you can complete your CIPD courses with top-notch certified CIPD tutors in Dubai.

According to the key finding by CIPD, the HR profession grew by 42% from 2011 to 2021. However, the general workforce only had an increase of 10%.
CIPD introduction


So, if you want to attain higher knowledge, skills, and competency to elevate your career; you need a CIPD course. CIPD will help you gain insight into HR processes and skills. It will help you excel in the Dubai job market, as it focuses on performance management and recruitment with real-life examples. You will not only understand the complexities of the HR field but will develop best practices and gain confidence in pursuing a successful career with real-life insights from experienced HR professionals.

Are you still wondering what is CIPD and what is the course structure?

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What is CIPD?

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development also known as CIPD is a professional body that provides training, knowledge, and resources to HR professionals in the HRM field. With the help of their course outline these HR professionals develop skills and expertise that help them progress in their HR career.

CIPD offers three courses at three levels; CIPD level 3 (certificate), CIPD level 5 (diploma), and CIPD level 7 (advanced diploma). With the help of these courses, HR professional not only understand the fundamentals of HR and L&D but also help them gain practical skills to amplify their career advances. Every level offers a distinct set of skills and expertise and thereby opens a new wealth of opportunities.

CIPD Courses

CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate In People Practice:

The CIPD level 3 diploma course is for those HR employees who have no previous formal qualifications and are new to the HR role. With the help of this course:

  • You can find a better position role in people’s professions in Dubai, the Middle East, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Progress in HR admin role
  • Improve team performance

Course Outline Of Foundation Certificate

foundation CIPD

CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma In People Practice:

The CIPD level 5 associate diploma course is for experienced HR professionals who are seeking to advance their management expertise. With the help of this course, HR professionals in Dubai can work as independent consultants, and become HR operation managers. The eligibility criteria for this course are job experience and level 3 certification.

With the help of this course:

  • Move into management

Course Outline Of Associate Diploma in People Management

Course Outline Of Associate Diploma in People Management

CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma In Organizational Learning And Development

The CIPD level 5 associate diploma is for experienced L& D professionals who aim to boost their management skills. With the help of this course:

  • They will work as an independent consultant
  • Existing L&D Managers will take the next step in their career.

Course Outline Of Associate Diploma in Organizational Learning and Development

Course Outline Of Associate Diploma in Organizational Learning and Development

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma In Strategic People Management

CIPD level 7 advanced diploma course is a post-graduate advanced level course designed for those who are established in strategic HR roles and are responsible people managers or leaders.

With the help of this course:

  • They will progress to chartered status.

Course Outline Of Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management

Course Outline Of Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management

CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma In Strategic Learning And Development

A CIPD level 7 advanced diploma is an ideal qualification for those who are involved in implementing L&D strategies and policies in their roles. With the help of this course:

  • They progress to senior L&D role
  • Gain a chartered CIPD membership.

Course Outline Of Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development

Advanced Diploma in Strategic Learning and Development

Why CIPD Is Essential For Your HR Career in Dubai?

If you are residing in the Middle East, UAE, Dubai, Saudia Arabia, or Abu Dhabi, you must be fully aware of the importance of continuous learning in the HR profession. The UAE and the Middle East employers are seeking professionals with the right skills and knowledge; demanding CIPD certification Saudi Arabia for elevated positions.

The HR occupation in Dubai requires continuous improvement, thus, staying ahead is essential. The HR career in Dubai is rapidly transforming; therefore, the demand for CIPD courses is also increasing. CIPD courses help HR professionals gain a competitive edge in the HR market; they will not only help them employ the right skills and knowledge but also help them drive toward organizational growth and success. Want to know more?

CIPD is helping HR professionals in the following ways:

International Recognized Qualification:

CIPD is a globally recognized qualification, so if you intend to pursue your dream job in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Saudia Arabia, or Dubai. CIPD is the benchmark for professional development in HR and L&D fields anywhere in the globe. If you have a CIPD qualification, recruiters will understand the level of work you have put in. The reputation of CIPD is more credible than other qualifications and thus always has an upper hand to it.

Gain Essential Skills And Knowledge:

CIPD helps you gain the necessary knowledge and skills in HR and L&D, which will help you deliver the most up-to-date practices and policies. It provides guidance on human capital practices by combining industry knowledge with academic practices.  It will help you build HR capabilities, shape ideologies, and set standards for best practices. 97% of CIPD students say that it has enhanced their professional credibility.

Valued By Professionals

CIPD is a credible and known qualification that holds high esteem by trusted professionals around the globe. HR and L&D professionals themselves regard CIPD as an authentic qualification, thus it is the most desirable qualification credited by professionals themselves. 76% of CIPD students state that CIPD is preferred or essential in their current role.

Boosts Your Credibility

CVs that include CIPD qualifications create credibility on your CV. Your CV gives you an edge; a roof-top priority as compared to their candidates. According to the research, the requirement of a Senior HR job position is CIPD.  It is like a badge you put on your CV to get better jobs. 97% of CIPD students state that they feel that CIPD has enhanced their professional credibility.

Helps Them In Career Advancement

CIPD courses help HR and L&D professionals reach a higher position in their current organization. once you have attained the CIPD course, you can even claim for promotion. You receive a higher salary package with a promoted designation. CIPD qualification offers a high level of knowledge, skills, and capabilities; therefore, it will help you attain an elevated position in your HR / L&D career. 84% of CIPD students state that after taking this course they received a promotion, a new job, or both.

Build Your Network

CIPD membership directs you to a wide range of events; that will help you build your network. Within these events, you are likely to interact with your peers and get access to up-to-date resources and trends. It will enhance your connection positively as you will interact with like-minded professionals, where you will exchange ideas and values in the HR and L&D fields.

Are CIPD Courses Hard?

CIPD courses are challenging, it involves a lot of hard work. Not everyone has the competency to attain a CIPD certificate; everyone applies a different learning style and approach. It requires a considerable amount of reading, research, and critical thinking to complete each assessment successfully. While in other cases, the HR students when undertaking a 5 or 7 level find it very hard to submit assignments timely. Their job requirement and overloaded assignments make it impossible to manage and balance their routine.

Due to the complexity and challenging assignments of CIPD, most of the students are looking for CIPD tutors. The CIPD tutors help these CIPD students in their coursework, tutor them, and help them with their high-level CIPD assignments. They help them pass their CIPD course without any hassle. So, if you are looking for some help for your CIPD assignment in the Middle East, Dubai, or Saudia Arabia; top-notch CIPD tutors in Dubai are there to assist you. They will assist you in the following ways:

  • Help you acquire professional CIPD qualification
  • Provides customer needs on time
  • Help you pass CIPD level 3, 5, and 7 assignments
  • Deliver high-quality assignments with the desired goals within the designated timeframe

These professional CIPD tutors in Dubai will help give you an extra boost and help you stand out in the crowd. They will help you control your academic success and help you reach your HR career to new heights. With the help of their well-crafted assignments, your days of stress will be gone, and new doors of career development will emerge. Moreover, these CIPD tutors will also help you with tutoring classes; and help you understand the basic concepts with ease. These CIPD tutors in Dubai come in handy, when ‘CIPD’s tutor’ feedback, online student portal, and learning structure don’t help. There have been cases, where students feel devastated and numb while writing assignments.

So, stop worrying and hire a certified CIPD tutor in Dubai and launch your HR career with a new start.

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