Course Hero vs Quizlet: Which is Right for You?

A UAE Student's Guide

by Dr. Isma Amin

In the modern era, online informational sites are vital in assisting students with assignments, quizzes, projects, articles, and case studies. Several famous sites are helpful for students, such as Chegg, Quizlet, Course Hero, Studocu, etc. All these sites are designed to provide students with solutions. Course Hero and Quizlet, both of these sites, are considered the best in the world when it comes to getting solutions.

Course Hero vs Quizlet

Let’s compare and determine which one of them is best for UAE students:

  • Course hero
    1. At what platforms is Course Hero available
    2. What type of Course Hero packages are available
    3. How many documents can be unlocked in a premium membership
    4. Is Course Hero a one-time payment
    5. What are the features offered by Course hero
    6. What are the subscription plans available
    7. Does Course Hero offer offline usage
    8. What are the demerits of Course Hero
    9. Reviews
  • Quizlet
    1. What are the services provided by Quizlet
    2. At what platforms is Quizlet available
    3. What Quizlet packages are available
    4. Is a Quizlet subscription worth it
    5. Are Quizlet flashcards helpful
    6. Is Quizlet reliable
    7. Can users use Quizlet offline
    8. Is Quizlet free for students
    9. What are its features
    10. Does Quizlet charge for basic features
    11. What are the demerits of Quizlet
    12. Who can use the platform
    13. What are the
    14. What are the other alternatives to Quizlet
    15. Reviews
  • Better option between Course Hero and Quizlet

Course Hero:

Course Hero is a website designed according to the American education system. It is operated by a website company based in California. Course Hero focuses on providing solutions to customers as per their demands. It offers solutions to over a thousand courses.

Course Hero

At what platforms is Course Hero available:

Course Hero is a prominent learning platform, so it is not just limited to web usage. Course Hero is available on Windows, Android, and iOS.

Course Hero Android

What type of Course Hero packages are available

Course Hero offers two types of membership programs. Course Hero has a basic membership, which is free, and a premium membership. The users can choose their plans as per their personal preferences and usage.

Course Hero Membership

How many documents can be unlocked in a premium membership

Course Hero does not offer unlimited document unlocks in any subscription. However, the premium user can unlock 30 documents in a monthly subscription.

Course Hero 30 Unlocks

Is Course Hero a one-time payment

The answer to this question is yes; Course Hero charges once at the time of purchase.

What are the features offered by Course Hero

Following are all the features offered by Course Hero:

1.       Providing Notes to Users:

Course Hero offers a wide range of study materials that assist students in gaining knowledge. No matter which subjects the student studies, all lecture notes, research papers, articles, essays, and labs are available at Course Hero.

Course Hero Notes

2.    Explore notes from students in nearby schools

Course Hero allows users to explore notes uploaded by students from the institute of their choice. This allows the students to gather study material that caters to specific schools and colleges, which can be helpful for their own studies.

Schools and Colleges Nearby

3.       Providing Students with Practice Questions:

Students want to test themselves when they are preparing for an exam. This is when Course Hero provides practice problems so students can test their newly learned knowledge.

Course Hero Q&A

4.       Notes related to the course

Course Hero allows the students to explore notes that are related to their specific course by adding in their course of study and the school they belong to. This helps personalize their experience.

Notes Related to Course

5.       E-Library:

Course Hero offers a proper content library for students where thousands of books related to almost every subject in the world exist in the e-library. This helps reduce the burden of buying books.

Course Hero Library

6.       Availability of Tutors:

Almost 24/7 Course Hero allows its users to interact with the tutors available online. Students can have proper answers to their questions from professional experts.

Course Hero Tutors

7.       College Advice:

Another interesting feature offered by Course Hero is “College Advice.” This is an AI feature that works as a counselor for you. College Advice will help you keep yourself motivated toward your goal and give you different advice that will help in your professional life.

8.       Ability to Check your Proceedings:

When a student completes an assignment, there are doubts about whether it is accurate. Course Hero allows students to tally their work as there are a variety of assignments completed by other students. These assignments are available in the study resources of Course Hero.

Course Hero Check

What are the subscription plans available?

Subscription Plan

Course Hero offers a monthly plan of $24.95. Another thing that can be counted as a feature of Course Hero is that it provides a facility to customers who cannot afford to submit their old documents to unlock the required documents. This feature is called basic membership (free).

Does Course Hero provide offline Usage

Course Hero provides an offline feature only on the application. The documents and notes recently opened by the user can be used offline.

What are the demerits of Course Hero

Following are the demerits of Course Hero:

  • One of the significant setbacks of Course Hero is that sometimes, it does not provide the exact answer that the customers require. Another feature that can be counted as a drawback is that some solutions present at the Course Hero are not even considered proper answers; instead, these questions are categorized in question papers.
  • It does not offer a free trial for the customers except for the features that require submitting old documents to the customers.
  • Another demerit that can be considered of the Course Hero is that students may misuse the platform for cheating in exams, homework, and quizzes.

Who can use Course Hero:

Course Hero is used by freelancers, students, and teachers in higher education systems and by small audiences in education management departments.

What are the other alternatives to Course Hero

Various alternatives are available for Course Hero, which may serve students well. These alternatives are:

  • Studypool
  • Chegg
  • StuDocu
  • Kahoot
  • Brainly
  • Quizlet
  • Numerade
  • Brainscape
  • StudyBlue
  • Quizizz
  • Shmoop


Here are some reviews of the customers who are using Course Hero:

Course Hero Reviews



Quizlet is considered a learning tool for students on the web. It has study materials on almost every subject in the world. Users can create their study materials from the ground up or explore ready-made sets that can be adapted and integrated into their instructional approach.

By transforming information into flashcards, quizzes, and interactive games, Quizlet enables individuals to engage with the material in various formats, promoting effective learning.

What is the service provided by Quizlet

Quizlet allows the students to make flashcards and convert their study material into fun games, which makes studying an interactive and innovative experience, enhancing productivity.

Quizlet Tools

At what platforms is Quizlet available:

Quizlet ios

Quizlet is available on prominent platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS.

Quizlet Android

What Quizlet packages are available:

Quizlet has 3 types of subscription packages, including a basic package that is free of cost, premium membership, and group membership.

Quizlet Subscription

Is a Quizlet subscription worth it

Quizlet is an affordable learning platform for students. Moreover, it is easy to access and has plenty of data and course material available. It supports multiple languages, which makes studying different languages an easy task for the students. It also has a variety of study modes, so the students can choose based on their personal preferences.

Are Quizlet flashcards helpful

Quizlet flashcards are one of the most effective ways of studying online. They have the potential to enhance your memory capability, strengthen your understanding, and assess your level of expertise.

Quizlet Flashcards Example

Is Quizlet reliable

Quizlet is perfect for studying and researching, but sometimes, there are chances of inauthentic information as inexperienced content writers write it.

Can Users use Quizlet offline

Quizlet allows its users to use offline features on mobile phone applications. But this feature is only available for the premium users.

Is Quizlet Free for Students:

Yes, Quizlet offers free features for the students. These features do not include premium features. But still, it is pretty useful.

Quizlet Student Free

What are its features

Quizlet offers some features that allow users to make it more comfortable to use. Following are the few features provided by the Quizlet:

1.       Flashcards:

Flashcards are a very unique feature that is only offered by Quizlet. It allows students to study in a fun way, as there are two sides to the card; one has a prompt, and the second has information. It is a quick way of reading information, making learning easier for the user. Students can create and customize different flashcard sets according to their convenience.

Quizlet Easy to Use

2.       Quiz Games:

Another interesting feature Quizlet offers is that it allows users to learn in a fun way, as different quiz games are available on Quizlet. Users can solve these games and improve their knowledge while having fun. Moreover, Quizlet also allows its users to study by interacting with the diagrams.

Quizlet Quizzes

3.       Solutions by Expert Teachers:

Qualified and expert teachers create flashcards and quizzes on Quizlet, allowing students to thoroughly clear their concepts. Moreover, these teachers approve solutions from different books as well.

Quizlet Expert Solutions

4.       Free Trial:

Quizlet allows its user to use their features for free. They offer users a 30-day free trial to access all the features of the premium features.

Quizlet Free

5.       Ease of Use:

If you use Quizlet for the first time, you will not feel any complications while operating the tool. Everything is kept basic so the newcomer may feel comfortable using Quizlet. Everything is essential and present on the home page of the Quizlet.

Quizlet Easy to Use

6.       Spelling Feature:

The Spelling feature is yet another unique feature of Quizlet, which allows the user to understand the word’s correct pronunciation. The user clicks the speaker button, and the AI feature pronounces the word. This will help in both speaking and writing the study content.

Quizlet Spellings

7.       Mobile Application:

Unlike other study tools, Quizlet allows users to access it on mobile phones. This makes Quizlet the remote studying platform.

Does Quizlet charge for basic features

Quizlet does not charge any money using basic features. However, premium features, including expert solutions, custom study sets, Ad-Free Quizlet, and exploring more question types, are charged $35.99 per Year. Quizlet also provides a monthly plan, which is $7.99 per month.

What are the demerits of Quizlet

Quizlet also possesses some disadvantages. These disadvantages are listed below:

  • The major disadvantage of Quizlet is that there are chances that the students may get the wrong information while studying. There is no authentic source of information available at Quizlet. In other words, the users provide the study material present at Quizlet, which is unreliable.
  • Another disadvantage can be considered when students misuse Quizlet to cheat in exams, assessments, and quizzes.

Who uses the platform:

An almost equal number of users are present in all three sectors, the education department and higher education (students and teachers) and freelancers compared to Course Hero. A small number of users are also present in enterprises and industrial states.

What are the other Alternatives related to Quizlet

Quizlet also has alternatives which are as good as Quizlet:

  • AnkiDroid
  • Memrize
  • Chegg
  • Course Hero
  • StudyPool
  • StuDocu
  • Numerade
  • Brainscape
  • Quizziz
  • Kahoot
  • Brainly
  • RemNote


Quizlet has mixed reviews. A list of negative and positive reviews is given below:

Quizlet Reviews

Better Option between Quizlet and Course Hero:

After reviewing features, pros and cons, and reviews of the users, it is pretty clear that Quizlet has the upper hand. Quizlet offers you a variety of features for free (except for a few). Course Hero lacks features that attract users, such as no free trial availability, overly expensive, lack of authentic content, etc.

Course Hero Stars

Moreover, Quizlet is better for users with a business background and meeting business requirements than Course Hero, and we know that UAE students are business-oriented. Furthermore, we can see the ratings provided for both tools for better comparison arguments.

Quizlet Stars



Nowadays, even students in the UAE look for tools for assistance in educational matters. There are several virtual universities in UAE, and it is the need of the hour for students to have an authentic learning platform. Students can choose between Quizlet and Course Hero by reviewing this guide, as it simplifies choices between these platforms.

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