Chegg vs Course Hero Which One is better 2023

A Detailed Guide for Course Hero

by Khurram Shahzad

Chegg is a multiservice platform; however, it is mainly classified as an education tech company. Chegg has its headquarters in Santa Clara, CA. Some of the key services offered by Chegg include tutoring, a variety of course help, hardcopy textbook rentals, and digital textbook rentals. Course Hero is another online business that is based on an approximately similar model. Course Hero is an education and tech platform and has its headquarters established in Redwood City, CA.

A number of services offered by Course Hero include materials for educators, online homework aid related to the study resources, and different kinds of study resources. The services offered by Course Hero are very similar to Chegg’s services apart from the fact that Chegg offers hardcopy and digital textbook rentals, but Course Hero does not provide these services. Other differences exist in the prices charged by these platforms for different services.

Criteria for Decision to Choose between Chegg and Course hero

  1. Study Materials Offered by Chegg and Course Hero

Chegg offers only a few categories of materials. For the study, a student can utilize the available step-by-step solutions and expert Q&A options. For essays, Chegg offers a computer-generated checker that a student can use to address plagiarism problems and grammatical errors. Using Chegg, the student has the option of creating guides, virtual flashcards, and accessing tutors.

The study resources offered by Course Hero are different. Course Hero offers resources that can be selected by textbook, course, or school. Step-by-step guides as well as tutor help for competing homework, is available 24/7. Course Hero has a unique feature through which the users of the platform can upload documents and become a tutor. Course Hero also offers scholarship databases for students.

  1. Online Tutoring Resources Offered by Chegg and Course Hero

Both Chegg and Course Hero offer tutoring services; however, there are some differences in the services offered by these platforms. Tutors are available on Chegg for 24/7. The platform has a search and match engine that helps in finding tutor. The tutor can be hired for the entire session or for quick help. Tutors having different subject matters are available at all times of day on Chegg.

The prices depend on the nature of the tutoring service required by the student. Tutors are also available at Course Hero 24/7. However, the tutoring system at this platform is not nuanced or detailed. The student has to send a query in plain text instead of requesting interactive sessions with the tutor. This kind of service is adequate for small queries, and it is impossible to establish extensive tutoring services.

  1. Pricing Strategy used by Chegg and Course Hero

Cost of services play a vital role when students pick between online learning platforms because most students cannot afford expensive learning services. There are some differences in pricing strategies used by Chegg and Course Hero. It is possible to hire tutors on Chegg for entire sessions and the price for each session depends on the nature of services and the length of the session.

Chegg also offers monthly plans for tutoring services that are determined by the tutor and tutoring options. At Chegg, the prices vary a lot depending on the nature of the subject and the kind of service demanded by the customer. Course Hero has a different pricing structure.

This platform offers two kinds of accounts: “Basic Membership” and “Premium Membership”. Anyone can achieve “Basic Membership” simply by providing basic personal information. To acquire “Premium Membership”, the customer has to pay $10 per month for one-year subscription, $20 per month for three-month subscription, and $40 for subscription for single month.

A Detailed Course Hero Guide Youtube:

Key Differences between Chegg and Course Hero

Following are the major differences between the nature of the business model and services offered by Chegg and Course Hero:

  • Access to la carte tutoring is free at Course Hero. The customers can pay for other features at monthly subscription at Course Hero Platform. On the other hand, Chegg requires its customers to pay for textbook solutions. These solutions are provided on an individual basis, which means Chegg is offering customized solutions.
  • The number of user-generated course materials on Course Hero is more than 20 million. This comprises a very large database of information from which users can select the content. Chegg, on the other hand, provides solutions from 9,000 textbooks and homework answers that Chegg experts provide to millions of their customers.
  • The guides provided by the Course Hero are in the form of textbooks and subjects. Chegg, on the other hand, provides the solutions to the problems included in the textbooks and the questions that students and knowledge enthusiasts ask from the Chegg experts on a daily basis.
  • Course Hero accepts user-generated resources and, to assist these users, Course Hero offers them practice questions. There is no feature of practice problem on Chegg. Chegg also does not accept user-generated content in its database.

Do professors Check Course Hero?

People have different feelings and opinions towards online learning platforms, mainly when they are used to traditional learning approaches or when they are not familiar with the company or the business model it is using. Both of these platforms are considered as companies offering high-quality content and services to their customers. There are some drawbacks and limitations associated with the business model used by each platform; however, these drawbacks and limitations depend on personal preferences a lot.

The Better Business Bureau accredited Chegg with an A-Plus rating. Like Chegg, people have some misconceptions about Course Hero as well. Course Hero is offering its services to help students with their coursework ethically and meet the quality standards required by the students. To ensure these standards, activities like copyright infringement, cheating, and plagiarism are strictly prohibited at this platform. For this purpose, Course Hero complies with local and federal laws of the country and ensures that its customers also follow these laws. According to the business model, Course Hero is meant to be used ethically and legally; however, it can be used in a way that goes against, potentially, the educational institutional policies.

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Is Course Hero worth the money?

Course Hero is best valued for self-paced learning. Course Hero stands out with its more affordable pricing approach, an extensive database of user-generated resources and answers, and practice answers. This platform is very effective for self-paced individuals who want to learn the material on their own. On the other hand, Chegg is an excellent platform for getting tutoring services. The individual can start with a single lesson and then request extensive services for a longer period based on satisfaction. Furthermore, Chegg provides students with access to books on a rental basis, another value-adding service that Course Hero lacks.

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