Meta Connect 2023: Key Highlights, Ai Assistant, Ai Image editor, Quest 3

by Dr. Isma Amin

Just when you begin to process the innovations by Meta, they come up with a new set of technological advancements to blow the minds away. Meta Connect, an event by Meta, has been no different. Meta launched a number of products and innovations that will forever change the user experience.


Let’s unwind with the jaw-dropping innovations that were released in the Meta connect event for the Middle East:

  • When and where did Meta Connect happen
  • Meta Quest 3
  • Ray ban Meta smart glasses
  • EMU
  • Meta AI
  • How can you get Meta AI on Instagram
  • How to use Meta AI on WhatsApp
  • AI studio Sandbox

When and where did Meta Connect happen

The most awaited meta Connect took place on the 27-28th of September. It was a two-day in-person event that took place at Meta Headquarters in Menlo Park, California. The event covered the launch of Ray-Ban smart glasses, Quest 3, and Meta AI.

mark zuckerberg

Meta Quest 3

The innovative headset with improved passthrough technology, higher resolution screens, and better visuals is called Meta Quest 3. The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, took the podium to give the keynote address. He described how the company is aiming to support and enable its Metaverse aspirations by emphasizing an important feature of the underlying hardware, which is the cost and affordability.

quest 3 launch

Qualcomm snapdragon

Meta Quest 3 is the consumer-side hardware that the business plans to use as the cornerstone for the metaverse, and it is powered by the most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 CPU.



The emphasis is on mixed reality because it can display augmented reality on a full-color passthrough while also integrating it into the user’s actual surroundings. The user can engage with virtual information and the real world concurrently using high-fidelity color Passthrough, cutting-edge and innovative machine learning, and spatial awareness.

quest 3

These advances have resulted in opening up a new realm of possibilities for the users. It allows the user to enter a totally immersive world to perform tasks that would otherwise be impossible. The users can now play virtual games in spaces with Demeo. They can also beautify their living spaces, like their rooms and kitchen, with virtual artwork using Painting VR.

Higher resolution

quest lenses

The improved LCD offers 10x higher pixels in each of the two 4K resolutions – 2,064 x 2,208 pixels – pancake-shaped lens than the Meta Quest 2. Quest3 has one-ups its predecessor by offering twice the performance and a 40% slimmer body. It still has the same refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Mixed reality device

Meta has replaced the tracking ring of previous Quest VR devices with haptic feedback. It now has a depth sensor, Touch Plus Controllers, and two cameras. These features make it a mixed-reality device. It also supports Xbox Cloud Gaming and Microsoft 365.

quest 3 3

View and space

One hundred ten degrees horizontal and 96 degrees vertical spatial view is allowed on Quest 3. This extends the peripheral vision of the user to let them see more virtual worlds all at once for the most immersive experiences yet. It also allows the ability to adjust the facial interface closer or farther from the user’s face to improve comfort and field of view.

quest in space

Quest 3 has 128 GB and 512GB options. This allows the users to explore a variety of titles and enables them to explore their interests without any limitations.

play with quest

Content coming to Quest 3

Quest developers have built the strongest VR ecosystem in the world. They have spent over $2 billion spent on games and apps in the Quest Store so far. More than 100 new and upgraded titles are coming to Quest 3.

virtual world

The gaming experience now knows no bounds because the best and the most fan-favorite titles are coming to the platform. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is one of the few. The highly anticipated Asgard’s Wrath 2 is exclusive to Quest, with visceral combat, epic environments, and gorgeous visuals that take advantage of the latest headset’s performance capabilities.

new game titles of xbox

Stranger Things, which is a hit Netflix show and is widely loved by fans of all ages, will be available as a VR game. It will be able to turn the user’s surroundings into a portal to the Upside Down. There are many more big names and IPs coming, like Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord, Assassin’s Creed® Nexus VR, and SEGA’s Samba de Amigo.

strangers things

In LEGO® Bricktales, the player will be able to explore a world full of gorgeous biomes shown in LEGO® dioramas. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. All the games will be available on Quest 3 in December.


Zumba on Quest 3

Meta has designed Quest 3 in such a way that it will allow users to have an immersive exercising experience. The users will be able to enjoy Zumba with Quest 3. Moreover, Quest 3 will also have mindful apps to help the users practice mindfulness in an immersive experience.

zymba on quest

What is the price of Quest 3

USD 499.99 for 128GB. USD 649.99 for 512GB.

quest price

Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

rayban intro

Next is the most anticipated launch of the event, which has taken social media by storm. It has been the new talk of the town since its release. It is a one-of-a-kind smart technology incorporated into regular sunglasses.


It comes with an onboard voice assistant, 12 MP, 1080p/60 FPS video cameras with an ultra-wide lens, built-in speaker, five mics for spatial audio, 32 GB of RAM, IPX4 rating, and weighs 48.6 grams, 50.8 grams, or 49.2 grams. It has been designed to make it light and slimmer, which is more comfortable to wear.

rayban slimmer and lighter

Capture photos and videos

Capture high-quality photos and videos with the new ultra-wide 12 MP camera and immersive audio recording. The 60-second video record limit indicates that Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses could be designed to cater to video streaming and content sharing on the company’s social media platforms. It also supports live streaming.

rayban camera

Audio and phone calls

Discreet open-ear headphones enable you to stay in touch with the world around you while listening to high-quality music or taking crystal-clear phone calls. There will be no more pauses to answer the phone. You may also use your voice to send SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages, as well as make phone calls.

rayban voice clarity

Not only that, the speakers have been designed in such a way that the noise will not be going out of the device, and the audio experience will be discreet and personalized. This will help keep user privacy intact and will also prevent creating unnecessary disturbance in public spaces.

custom speakers

Battery life

You can get through your day uninterrupted with a battery life of up to four hours on a single charge and up to 36 hours on a fully charged case. Smart charging helps maintain and prolong battery life, while the small case is easily portable.

Ask Ray-ban

With AI incorporated into the smart glasses, users will be able to ask for information and get prompt audio answers in the blink of an eye. The users can ask questions from suggestions on Instagram captions for their pictures to important information. The users can get suggestions on every aspect of life, from what to see when on vacation to the most beautiful landscape in the area.

ask rayban

Send pictures in chat.

The pictures that one captures in Ray-Ban glasses can be immediately sent to other people in chat. The user simply has to say it, like “send a picture to William,” and the glasses will automatically send pictures to the person without having to use the phone.

rayban sends pictures in chats

Do the new Ray-ban meta smart glasses support prescriptions?

The Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses may be customized to accommodate prescribed lenses. Ordering a complete pair of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses from Ray-Ban.com will get you prescription lenses. Your Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses can be customized with prescription lenses from LensCrafters. Prescription lenses must be installed at an authorized LensCrafters shop to maintain the original warranty.

Are the Ray-ban Meta smart glasses waterproof?

The water resistance rating of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses is IPX4. If your glasses have an IPX4 rating, they will be fine if you get caught in a drizzle. All you have to do is take off your glasses and give them a thorough cleaning with a dry cloth.

In the event of water exposure, the Product is not built to withstand submersion or prolonged exposure to water or other liquids, which means that immersion in water would damage it.

Where are Rayban meta smart glasses available?

The Meta website and other authorized Meta merchants in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom sell Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses. In addition to official Ray-Ban stores and authorized Ray-Ban dealers, they can be purchased directly from Ray-Ban.com (online and in-store). The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Australia all sell them right now.

How do other people know if the Rayban meta smart glasses are on

If you’re recording something or going live, the Capture LED will let people know. A warning will appear if the LED is obscured.

What is the price?

meta rayban 3 types

$299 Standard model
$329 Polarized model
$379 Transitions models


On the heels of OpenAI’s announcement that it would be adding image and speech support for ChatGPT, Meta has graduated to offering a text-to-image model service it dubs “Emu” (Expressive Media Universe).


What is EMU

Meta’s Emu is a text-to-image creation model that only takes five seconds to produce an image. The users will now be able to generate images by simply using their text commands all across different apps by Meta.


The users will be able to generate customized stickers by adding simple text commands in chats on WhatsApp.


Edit pictures

Meta will now provide the users the chance to edit pictures and sign commands on Instagram. The users will simply have to type in the text of what they wish to change about the picture, and AI will generate the picture of choice. Commands like straightening the hair will produce surprisingly realistic results.

edit pictures

Where will it be available

The AI image generation tool will be available for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger in a month from the event.

Meta AI

The users can have private conversations with Meta AI or have group chats with it. It can provide suggestions provide comic relief, mediate a heated group chat, and provide general information and education.

Create images

meta ai imagine

Produce pictures that can’t be taken with a camera. Simply provide Meta AI with a description, such as “/imagine a fairy cat in a rainbow forest,” and it will generate an image based on your description.

Ask Meta

The users can now use meta-AI to ask questions and get prompt answers. Meta AI can be invoked into groups to use them to get the necessary data by using it as a s search engine. It can be used to get information like ideas for parties and group trips.

ai gc

Web searches

Bing AI is what’s been driving Meta AI. By using meta and questions, users may find the most recent and relevant content quickly and easily. Meta AI makes use of the LlaMA 2 model to provide users with textual solutions to their inquiries. Meta, though, is looking to go further by including up-to-the-minute data; thus, the company has teamed up with Microsoft to incorporate the Bing search engine.

meta with bing

How can you get Meta AI on Instagram

The users can now request Meta AI Chat early access, which will be available in Messenger & Instagram. All they have to do is follow these steps to engage with meta-AI:

  • The first step is to open Messenger or Instagram. The user will then have to tap on the icon in the top right. This will open up a new message tab.
  • In the option to add a new contact to the message, there will be an “AI Chat” option available on the top.
  • The user can tap on it to get early access to Meta AI Chat.

How to use Meta AI on WhatsApp

In order to be able to use Meta AI on Instagram, the user has to follow the following steps:


Open the chat or the group chat you want to use meta-AI in.

Step 2.

The next step is to invoke Meta. For this, all the user has to do is write @MetaAI in the chat. This will help invoke meta-AI.

Step 3:

The next step is to simply type in the command in front of @MeraAI. The user will be able to get a response. However, this might not work for most people right now since this feature is available only selectively.

AI Studio

Additionally, Meta has introduced AI Studio, a platform that enables third parties to develop their AIs for use with Meta’s platforms. Within the next few weeks, programmers will be able to construct third-party AIs, and in the long run, even individuals who are unable to code will have the chance to develop a distinctive chatbot through a sandbox.


One of the most interesting features of Meta AI is that it allows the users to talk with different characters. Each character has its personality and way of talking. Each character comes with a story that shapes the way it talks and communicates, and hence, each character is interesting on its own.

ai personalities

Original name Character name Personalities Social media handles
Paris Hilton Amber Crime solving detective amberthedetective
Raven Ross Angie Fitness enthusiast trainwithangie
Kendall Jenner Billie Ride-or-die, older sister yoursisbillie
Tom Brady Bru Confident sports debater gameonbru
Charli D’Amelio Coco Dance enthusiast cocosgotmoves
Snoop Dogg Dungeon Master Adventurous storyteller meethedungeonmaster
LaurDIY Dylan Quirky DIYer craftwithdylan
Padma Lakshmi Lorena Travel expert globetrottinglorena
Izzy Adesanya Luiz MMA expert dontmesswithluiz
Roy Choi Max Sous Chef cookwithmax
Chris Paul Perry Golf pro golfwithperry
Sam Kerr Sally Free-spirited friend goodtimesal
Naomi Osaka Tamika Anime fanatic sailortamika
Dwyane Wade Victor Motivational triathlete zerotovictor
MrBeast Zach Brotherly jokester comedy act

How to talk to these characters


This feature is still in the beta phase. However, whenever it comes out, the user will be able to talk to any of these characters by sampling and messaging them on their original social media profiles. All the user has to do is send them a direct message.

How will it benefit businesses

In order to provide better customer service on Meta’s messaging platforms, businesses and brands will be able to build an AI that aligns with their needs and structure. This will help businesses incorporate Meta into their businesses to make them more customer-friendly and cater to the needs and queries of the customers. Alpha testing will begin soon, with a full rollout scheduled for 2024.

AI sandbox

Meta plans on launching an AI sandbox, which will enable everyone to be able to experiment with creating their AI. This will make the entire experience more connected and real for meta-users.

meta llama 2


Meta has never failed to surprise its user base with new launches and developments. Quest03, Meta Ai, and the Ray ban AI smart glasses are proof that Meta is set to compete with other companies by expanding its services and bringing in innovations. The mixed reality immersive experience and AI-incorporated features will change the way people use technology and will work as a benchmark for innovations.

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