10 best Scholarships in Kuwait for International Students 2023

by Khurram Shahzad
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Kuwait is an ideal country in terms of searching for job opportunities and getting an education. The country is having several institutes that offer different programs to students for getting a higher education and teach professional fields to them so that they can join the market and ensure a bright future. Students especially the youth from all over the world come to Kuwait to get higher education. To keep the desire to get higher education up to and encourage students from foreign countries to come to Kuwait and get an education in different educational fields, the government of Kuwait is offering different scholarships. It is not only encourages foreign students to be a part of the educational institutes of Kuwait but also serves as a great tool to facilitate the students who cannot afford the educational expenses of foreign countries. This blog post focuses on the type of scholarship programs along with deadlines for each scholarship being offered by Kuwait to foreign students.

Type of Scholarship Programs Offered by Kuwait to International Students

There are various types of scholarship programs designed by Kuwait to attract foreign students and support them in their learning phase. Out of all the scholarship programs, the top ten are as follows:

  1. Kuwait Ministry of Private Education Scholarships
  2. Gulf University Financial Assistance
  3. Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship Program
  4. CRP – ICGEB Research Grants
  5. CRP – ICGEB Early Career Grants
  6. AUK Academic Scholarship and Financial Aid
  7. LLM Scholarships at KILAW
  8. Education Future International Scholarships
  9. KSCT Merit-Based Scholarships
  10. Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) Scholarships

Kuwait Ministry of Private Education Scholarships

Kuwait Ministry of Private Education Scholarships is fully funded by the government of Kuwait. These scholarships are designed for high school graduates but they need to fulfill the specific requirements to be eligible for these scholarships. They offer the coverage of tuition expenses till the completion of the degree. They sponsor the students to study in the private higher education institute of Kuwait.

 Gulf University Financial Assistance

The Gulf University of Kuwait offers different types of financial assistance to the students who are planning to join the institute under some educational program. Out of all, the GUST scholarships are the most competitive and attractive. To be eligible for this scholarship, the students must have completed the thirty credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.50. Also, the student must have applied for a minimum of fifteen credit hours program and there is no disciplinary action pending against him. These scholarships are limited and the students face high competition because of the limited quantity. It covers the entire tuition fee of the program with a maximum amount of KD 2250. It is valid for one year. However, if the student maintains all the requirements of being eligible for the scholarship, he can reapply for it.

Kuwait Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship Program

Under the cultural exchange program, the Kuwait Ministry of Education has designed specific scholarship programs for the students of higher education. This scholarship is partnered with other countries for the exchange of students. To strengthen the relationship with the neighboring countries by exchanging students to share the culture and better experience, the Ministry of Kuwait is taking active participation in the utilization of this scholarship program. There is a specific criterion for being able to receive this scholarship. Those students who fulfill the criteria are eligible to receive a full tuition fee as well as accommodation provided by the university. Apart from these, some donor countries also provide an annual airfare and a minimal amount monthly to meet the living cost. The Ministry of Kuwait provides annual airfare tickets, monthly financial allowance, and travel preparation allowance to the accepted students.

CRP – ICGEB Research Grants

The Collaborative Research Program is a funding program being offered by the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. This program is designed to fund scientific research on the matters that are posing serious problems for the host country. The major focus of the funding is research regarding human healthcare, science, agricultural and industrial bioenergy, and biotechnology. To avail of this funding, the applications are reviewed and accepted annually. This grant is given only to the member states of the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. The applications for the grant originated from the universities of member states.

CRP – ICGEB Early Career Grants

Early Career Return Grants is the category of Collaborative Research Program that is granted to the youth people who have spent a minimum of two years abroad and now come back to one of the member states of the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology to establish a laboratory independently. They must possess an excellent track record so that their prospects of success are high. As per the requirement, the applicant must not be more than forty years of age at the time of applying for the grant. The applicant must return to any of the member states of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology a maximum of two years before at the time of applying for a grant.

AUK Academic Scholarship and Financial Aid

The American University of Kuwait has structured a few scholarships for the students to facilitate them in getting an education in Kuwait. Under the program named American University of Kuwait Continuing Students Academic Scholarship Program, the university provides scholarships to the most deserving students that are the students of the American University of Kuwait and has established a strong academic record. The students need to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.50 to avail of this scholarship during each term.

LLM Scholarships at KILAW

Kuwait International Law School is determined to provide legal sciences education related to different professions. It has been offering scholarships to the students to support them in getting an education and attract them to be a part of Kuwait‘s educational system. To be eligible for this scholarship, the students need to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.30, must be a student of Kuwait International Law School, should not be doing any job, and must not be facing any disciplinary action from the university.

Education Future International Scholarships

The Education Future International Scholarships are designed to promote the relationship of Kuwait with India. To avail of this scholarship, the applicant must be Indian or have a valid passport in India. The amount of the scholarship is determined by the number of applications received for the scholarship. The maximum amount of scholarship that the student can avail of is USD 13,300.

KSCT Merit-Based Scholarships

The merit-based scholarships were introduced by the Kuwait College of Science and Technology in 2016. These scholarships are to promote technology-related education. Foreign students can apply for this scholarship if they have an excellent academic track record. International students need to study in Kuwait if they want to avail this scholarship. Students having a percentage of 98% in the high school can get a 100% scholarship while those having 95% in high school are eligible for 50% of the scholarship.

Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) Scholarships

Offered by the government of Kuwait, Wells Mountain Initiative Scholarships are fully funded and are being offered to students having strong academic track records. It is mainly focused on the students of developing countries to bring prosperity by supporting them in getting an education. It covers the degree levels of bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. programs. The annual limit of these scholarships is USD 3,000 to cover the expenses related to tuition fees, books, monthly stipends, stationery items, and other costs.


Kuwait is a great opportunity for foreign students to get an education on scholarship. These scholarships are designed to facilitate the students while promoting different causes in the country like scientific research, technology, cultural exchange, and strengthening the relationship with different countries. Local as well as foreign students can avail of different scholarships by meeting the criteria established for them and can easily lessen their educational expenses. The quality of education is also very high in Kuwait so the country serves as a strong tool to brighten the future life of the students where they can succeed in the professional life and emerge as an important resource for the country they are serving.

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