20 Best Research Paper Writing Tools for Students in Middle East

Ai Tools for writing Research Papers

by Khurram Shahzad

The availability of research writing tools is very important for students and researchers in the middle east because they assist in compiling data and collecting the entire information in a single document. The research writing tools are used for the researchers to document the research and make it available to future generations in a written form. The research writing tools help the researchers at different phases, like documenting the literature review, applying different analytical tools for analysis, and checking the grammatical mistakes in the written document. The top twenty research writing tools include the following:

  1. Project Management Tools
  2. Grammar Checker Tools
  3. Reference Management Tools
  4. Plagiarism Checker
  5. Journal Finder
  6. Social Networking for Academics
  7. Data Analysis Tools

Project Management Tools

The project management tools for writing the research include the following:


Trello is a research writing tool that supports researchers to organize their ideas. Through the system of dragging and dropping cards, it supports the users in preparing lists and scheduling the activities along with assigning timelines. It also provides the facility of developing different boards for different projects.


Through the Gantt Chart program, the researchers can divide their entire project into different activities along with assigning timelines for the completion of the activities. It also offers cost calculations related to each task. The Gantt chart provides the facility of a quick overview of the different phases, tasks, and sequences along with priorities and the deadlines of the project.

Lucid Charts

The infographic display of the human behaviors and processes supports determining the interdependency among the different factors which helps the researchers in finding the best topic based on the available data.

Grammar Checker Tools

Different grammar checker tools are available online that supports the researchers in writing their research paper. The most popular of them are:

Trinka AI

Trinka AI is a famous tool that focuses on the improvement of language, grammar, punctuation, and spelling along with providing the details of proposed changes. Its free online version is available which includes all the features. The paid version of Trinka AI provides additional features like better monthly usage limits, an add-in for Microsoft Word, and a selection of languages between English US and English UK.


Grammarly is an application for checking the spelling, punctuation, sentence format, grammar, and readability of the content. It is also available in the free and paid versions. The paid version provides suggestions regarding vocabulary improvement and basic revisions. It also supports detecting plagiarism.

Reference Management Tools

The reference management tools include the following:


To manage the referencing requirement of the research, Mendeley stores the entire search in a single library and generates citations. It provides referencing according to different referencing styles.


It is a paid reference management application. It is not available in the free version. It creates in-text citations and a bibliography in a single go. It also provides the facility of sharing the work on different computers.

Easy Bib

Easy Bib is a freely available application for creating in-text citations and bibliography. It creates citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago formats. However, the citations generated by it are not always correct but it is helpful for the researchers as it is free.

Plagiarism Checker

The available plagiarism checkers tool for research writing includes the following:

Enago’s Plagiarism Checker

It is a great tool for determining plagiarism in written material. After checking the entire file for plagiarism, it generates the report specifying the areas where plagiarism is found. It also shows the percentage of plagiarism in the file being analyzed.


Duplichecker is available in the paid as well as free versions. The free version checks the plagiarism in a file of a maximum of one-thousand words and the paid version checks for more than one-thousand words. The greatest drawback of this application is that it does not generate a detailed report.

Journal Finder

The major journal search engines include the following:

Enago’s Open Access Journal Finder

It is a free tool that can be used by researchers to protect themselves from using fake publishers in their research work. It supports the finding of authentic and quality journals. It also compiles a list of journals that can be helpful for the researcher.

Elsevier Journal Finder

It helps in finding the journals based on the provided title and abstract of the research. It is mainly concerned with the scientific journals that are suggested by the application to the researcher upon entering the research title.

Google Books

By using Google Scholar, the researchers can apply the filter of books and enter the research topic. Google Books will generate a list of books that are relevant to the research topic.

Web of Knowledge

Web of knowledge is a paid tool that usually displays the information that is being missed by Google Scholar.


JSTOR searches the books, journals, and primary sources that are relevant to the provided topic of the research. It is providing free access to the researchers to gain benefit from the available resources.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is recognized as one of the top most used search engines for journals. The researchers need to enter the research topic in the search bar and it provides the details of all the relevant sites. It also provides the option of a year filter so that the links produced by it are from a specific period.

Social Networking for Academics

The research writing can also be enhanced through the social networking which includes the following:


It is considered one of the most used websites for researchers as they can easily upload their documents and share them with others. The researcher receives the notification whenever their work is cited or referred by anyone.

Research Gate

Research Gate is a networking site where the researchers and scientists are connected and share their work and gain benefit from the work of others. It also provides the fields for the interactive conversation session among researchers and scientists.

Data Analysis Tools

The data analysis tools include the following:

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a great tool for analyzing quantitative data. It supports conducting different mathematical techniques and also provides the facility of creating graphs and other shapes to have a visual display of the results.


Among human behavior researchers, SPSS is one of the most commonly used techniques. It creates the parametric, non-parametric, and graphic visualization of the findings.

Generative Ai Writing Tools:

Transforming the Future: Generative AI and Midjourney Join Forces for Innovation

What is the best tool for research?

There is a long list of available tools that can support the researchers in writing the research. From the selection of the topic to the referencing, different websites and applications help the researchers make their research tasks easy. Other than the above-mentioned tools, there is still a long list of different websites and applications that are being used by different researchers to get support in collecting data and analyzing it correctly so that reliable and authentic results can be generated.  Many companies are still working on the development of tools that can help the researchers in writing a research paper so that future generations can get advantage from their work and apply them in different fields to growth and progress.

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