15 Best Websites for Students Homework Help in Middle East

by Khurram Shahzad


Different websites are available to assist students in doing their homework in the Middle East. Some websites provide students with homework support, while others complete the homework after receiving their charges. In both ways, these websites provide great support to the students, especially when they are doing part-time jobs, as well as to bear their educational expenses. Also, students taking classes online sometimes feel difficulty understanding some topics and completing their assignments. These students then seek the assistance of such websites to complete their tasks successfully. The major websites offering the homework assistance facility to students include the following:

Top Homework Helper

The “Top Homework Helper” website has almost three thousand registered tutors. The students can get assistance from these tutors regarding their homework. Its major subjects include accounting, geometry, science, chemistry, physics, finance, and history. The live 24/7 customer support, along with the live tutoring, provides an excellent opportunity for the students to get their homework-related problems solved.

Khan Academy

It is a free and not-for-profit website that was developed to assist students in solving problems related to their homework. It offers a detailed list of subjects from which the students select any subject as per their requirements. It is also catering to students studying at different levels. Apart from the routine subjects and course material, it also assists with test preparations in entrance exams of many institutions.

Study Greek

Study Greek was developed to assist students related to mathematics. As we all know, mathematics is a difficult subject from the start. Students always need assistance with their homework as they face many challenges in understanding and solving differential equations. The tutors available on this site are normally Ph.D. degree holders in mathematics, so they can assist the students better.


Tutor.com is a platform that connects students with tutors. The tutors’ qualification is thoroughly checked and approved before making them the tutor on the site. The tutors are normally doctors, Ph.D., and professors so that they can assist the students through their knowledge and experience gained over the years. It provides assistance to levels K-12 and colleges.


Providing free tutoring of thirty minutes by experts, Chegg is considered one of the most helpful websites in assisting students in doing their homework. It also shares the work done by others on similar questions or topics. Many questions have already been asked by the other students and their answers are already available on the site so that the students can use them to complete their homework.


On the website named “Quizlet,” the students can find assistance in doing their homework. The website contains different quizzes on various subjects, which are helpful for the students to complete their homework accurately. This website also shares different techniques like the use of flashcards, matching games, and live quizzes so that the students can enhance their grip on their weak subjects.

Learn to Be

To facilitate the students who find paid websites expensive because they cannot afford them, Learn to be is a non-profit website that is created to help students in completing their homework. It provides the option of choose-to-pay for getting tuition services in a direct one-to-one session online.  Currently, it is serving almost two-thousand students in the subjects of mathematics, reading, science, and English.


This website is specifically designed to assist students of linguistics as it provides online services to language students. The available tutors on Preply belong to different countries and have expertise in various languages. These tutors support the students in completing their language-related homework after establishing their charges and availability time slots. The students search the tutors whose time, charges, and language suit them.


Skooli is another famous website for its online learning assistance so that students can complete their homework. It is also a paid website with the option of pay-as-you-go. It means that the charges of the website increase with the increase in tutoring time. The students must book a session of at least fifteen minutes. It charges $1 per minute.

Pearson Smart Thinking

Pearson Smart Thinking is a website that assists in improving writing skills. Students who want to improve their writing skills can rely on the tutors available on this site because their major focus is on the improvement of the writing skills of the students so that they can complete their homework and class work better.

Tuta Point

Tuta Point is considered one of the best sites for preparing for different tests. The tutors available on this site are normally retired teachers, professors, and assistants. Based on the degree of the students and their preferences, Tuta Point offers assistance for the preparation of different tests like the ACT and SAT.

eTutor World

eTutor World is one of the best sites for students and parents. The students can get assistance from the available mentors on the site while parents can review their child’s progress. It offers a personalized package to the students, records all the sessions and reviews them regularly, and shares the details with the parents. They also provide free printable worksheets for the assistance of the students.


It is one of the leading Homework and Assignment help services in the UK and the Middle East, serving international clients for the last 10 years. It has a Ph.D. pool of subject specialists serving international students. They have a linkage with international universities in KSA, UAE, Kuwait, United Kingdom, United States, and Oman. Their services are 24/7, 360 days a year.



The Princeton Review

Princeton Review is considered one of the best tutoring websites which assist students in homework, tutoring, and test preparation. Although it is slightly more expensive than the other commonly available websites, the student’s reliance on it is significant because of its service quality.

Tutor Me

Tutor Me is also a paid website for providing tutoring services for students. The students approach this website for homework help and assistance on various subjects. This website accepts only four percent of the total applications received for registration after scrutinizing the profile of the applicants thoroughly. So, the tutors available on Tutor Me are highly qualified and experienced.

There is lots of websites available that provide homework help to students. These websites offer different subjects for assistance. The tutors registered on these websites are selected after analyzing their profiles to maintain the website’s authenticity. The majority of these websites are paid and assist the students only after receiving their charges. They have developed different packages depending on the length of each session. Students worldwide can take tutoring assistance and homework help from these websites after selecting the most suitable package.

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