UAE AI startup Bedu wants early-mover advantage for $7m pre-seed funding

by Dr. Isma Amin


UAE is known for its potential for homegrown AI startups, innovative technologies, solutions, and advancements. With more and more AI startups piquing the interest of potential investors, BEDU, in particular, is already expecting to raise between $5-7 million in the pre-seeding round.

BEDU has started a pre-seed financing round to support its growth and global expansion. Investors now have the chance to participate in developing technologies and support BEDU’s goal of reshaping industries. With a track record of significant achievements, ground-breaking innovations, and wise investments, BEDU invites partners, customers, and investors to participate in this ambitious future.


The Dubai-based company, BEDU, was founded in December 2021. With private equity running a bit slow and the venture capital funding being placid since the second half of 2022, funding is a breakthrough for a company that only launched one and a half years ago to run for $7 million, as explained by Al Zarouni in Dubai.

Bedu wants to close a pre-seed investment and is banking on its several AI advances to entice investors. The business claims that it would use funding from its pre-seed round to fund regional expansion while allocating a sizeable portion of funding to R&D.

Founded in December 2021
Founder and Chairman Khaled Al Huraimel
Co-founder and president Matti Zinder
Specialty Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain Mainnet, DeFi, Smartcontract, and Blockchain Security
Industry Technology, Information, and the Internet
Headquarter location Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Headquarter regions Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
Official website BEDU
Source Crunchbase

Recently, AI has been on everyone’s radar and is perceived as the ultimate tech space everyone wants to participate in. Every tech company is focused on jumping on the bandwagon and introducing an AI product that would catch the investor’s interest.

Bedu sets itself apart by focusing on potentiating the impact of synergy between AI and Web 3.0. This fusion between the two will create new opportunities for businesses. It will not only streamline the operations but will also enhance the customer experience.

AI Builder Bedu

Challenges that promote innovation and welcome newer ideas are the core ideology of Bedu, which differentiates it from the rest in the startup area. Amin Al Zarouni pointed out how they plan on using the funding to enhance the capabilities of their AI Builder Tool.

“We are not solely focused on AI for its own sake. We’re dedicated to harnessing the impactful synergy between AI and the evolving Web 3.0 landscape. This fusion opens new horizons for businesses, enhancing customer experiences, streamlining operations, and driving innovation.”


“By emphasizing AI within the context of Web 3.0, we’re addressing a broader spectrum of opportunities and challenges, further differentiating Bedu in the startup arena.”

Al Zarouni pointed out that they are only interested in maximizing the potential of their products to deliver the best versions for their clients. Among the noise surrounding tech and AI, their goal sets them ahead of the game, where everyone competes to be better than others.

Visionary Leadership

The AI Builder Tool, an agnostic platform that can be utilized by all types of people, businesses, and organizations to develop their experiences digitally and virtually, is the key factor of the company’s ideology and its flagship. Without technical expertise, companies and individuals can use AI to build engaging digital experiences.


“Our vision that encompasses the convergence of Web 3.0 and AI is at the helm of reshaping industries and human experiences. As we embark on this transformation, we invite likeminded visionaries to join us in this journey where innovation knows no bounds and technology drives endless possibilities”, exclaimed Al Zarouni

Matti Zinder

Bedu AI has recently launched some products which are focused on B2B interactions. B2B is the exchange of services and products between individual businesses instead of being an interaction between the business and the customer. Each product launched by Bedu serves a specific role depending on its function.

About BEDU

The long-term goals of BEDU offer promising investment opportunities. The startup will leverage AI and blockchain to revolutionize industries, utilizing the technological frontiers to create new user experiences that connect, engage, and amuse.

BEDU’s AI product line, AI-powered solutions

MediaSense: a brand-new approach to media management that considers the world’s increasing requirement for efficient media asset management. DocuSense: A set of tools that potentially revolutionize document processing in sectors like banking, law, and healthcare by automating laborious procedures and allowing experts to concentrate on higher-value jobs.

Media Sense

VoiceSense and VisionSense: These technologies interpret speech and visual input using cutting-edge AI, providing instantaneous insights and automation. The applications are numerous and diverse, ranging from security to customer service. AI Sense: Expert services to design unique AI solutions based on the requirements of clients. Provides services for building and deploying AI models and data analysis and insight.

The future of innovation; Fusion of AI and Blockchain

With the AI-driven digital and Virtual Experience builder, BEDU creates a model for how blockchain and AI may coexist. This collaboration paves the way for other industries and has potential uses in several industries, including education, travel, and entertainment.

Web Plus AI

Blockchain and AI integration is a commercial as well as a technological shift. The strategic goal of BEDU is to break down existing industrial barriers, which will help open up new markets and business opportunities for companies in wide variety of industries.

The strategic move: Pre-seed investment round

The main goal of the pre-seed funding is to promote R&D and support growth and global expansion. This investment is a compelling opportunity for investors who share BEDU’s aim, commitment to innovation, and a future of technology and advancements.  This round of funding represents more than just a capital increase; it also represents BEDU’s commitment to its mission and the investors’ confidence in BEDU’s ability to bring innovation and technological advancements to promote productivity.


The statements made by BEDU reflect the company’s innovative, aspirational, and growth-minded stance in the rapidly developing fields of AI and Web 3.0 technology. With milestones celebrated, a future envisioned, a revolutionary product launched, and growth fueled by strategic investment, BEDU invites forward-thinking partners, clients, and investors to join in shaping this innovative future.


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