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by Khurram Shahzad
Brainly is a smart homework learning app which is providing frequent solutions to a broad number of students and instructors. This app is available in the Google Play Store and App Store. This app has developed the community of learners by providing frequent solutions to the queries of customers.

What Brainly Serve?

Basically, the Brainly app was developed by the experts to assists the students and the broad number of teachers across the world. This app is providing customized solutions in multiple fields. This app covers most of the subjects, among which some subjects include the following;
  • English
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Social Sciences
  • Computer Sciences
  • Environmental Solutions
  • Political Science
  • Economy
  • Accountancy
  • Psychology

Value-Added Features of Brainly App

Text Book Solutions

The most value-added feature of the Brainly app was that this app is providing solutions for different kinds of textbooks and which are solved by experts. The other value-added feature of this app was that this app is that students and teachers can get instant help in complex questions by just scanning the question under consideration.

Inclusion of Multiple Languages

One important element in the Brainly App is the inclusion of multiple languages in the application. These languages are providing assistance to a broad number of learners across the world. It simply shows that the application can be equally accessible and understandable by the users. The users can easily opt for any language and get online assistance in solving complex questions.

The facility of Online Tutor

Meanwhile, the students can easily apply filters on the app based on the education level and subject under consideration. If the students want to get online assistance in the question and want to learn about the background concept of the theory, then the students can also avail themselves of the opportunity of an online tutor. When the learner requests tutor online assistance the Brainly app filter down the right expert to cater the need of the learner.

Brainly App Reviews

If we look at the reviews of brainly app, then we can see that the number of users of Brainly app has crossed from 100 Million on the Google App store. Meanwhile, this app has attained a good response on the Apple Store as well. This app is equally available for any user of the Google app store and app store.


Now, if we look at the rating of the app, then we can see that the Brainly app has a rating of 3.8 out of 5 on the Google App store. Similarly, this app has a rating of 3.7 out of 5 on the App store. It seems that this app has a good rating on the Google Play Store and App Store. It simply means that this app is meeting the expectation of users. The ultimate users of this app are the students and teachers who are availing of the services of Brainly App.

Funding Rounds of Brainly App

Brainly app has undergone a number of investments since its inception and entry into the learning platform industry. This app first launched its application in the year 2009. After its startups, the company acquired massive investments from the number of investments as the seed funding, and the investment rounds of A, B, C, and D are up to the mark. The detail of each type of funding and investment rounds is explained below in detail;

Seed Funding

In the startup phases, this app did not get frequent responses from the investors in the market. The major investment for the full launching of this application was made in the year 2012. This investment worked as the seed funding investment, in which the owners of the Brainlly application raised equity amounting to $ 500 K. This funding was raised by the three major investors, which include Point Nine Capital, Market One Capital, and Mariusz Gralewski.

Series A Funding

The second phase in the development of brainly application was the series A funding, in which the four investors invested in the Brainly app to raise the capital of $ 9 million. Among the main investors in the Series, A funding includes the Runa Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Learn Capital, Point Nine Capital

Series B Funding

The series B funding was segregated into two phases. In the first phase, the funding capital was raised by $ 15 million. This funding amount was raised in 2016 by a single investor Proscus. In the second phase of series B funding, the investment capital increased, amounting to $ 14 million. In this investment, there were about five investors involved, which raised the equity capital of Brainly application to new heights. Among the major investors of Series B funding, the investors of Point Nine Capital, General Catalyst Partners, and Runa Capital has the greatest significance.

Series C Funding

The series C funding contributed up to $ 30 million to the total capital of the Brianly application. This funding was raised in the year 2019. In this transition, the company massively invested in the up-gradation of applications. In this regard, the company added value-added features in the application to make the app more attractive for the users. In this phase, the owners of Brainly inculcated customized features in-app to make them more users friendly. In the series C funding, the two most leading investors were involved, which were Prosus and Naspers. Through these investments, these two investors increased their interest in the stake of Brainly application.

Current Valuation of Brainly App

Currently, Brainly has raised up to $ 148.5 million. This total value increased in the total of 6 rounds. The most recent fund rising was done in the year 2020. This funding provided immersive support to raise the capital. In this phase, the company invested in the development of the application to a great extent. In a broad sense, there is a total of 8 investors who are massively investing in the stake of the company. Besides this, these investors are increasing the investment to increase the value of the application. In the strategic transformation, the owners of Brainly have acquired two organizations to increase the value of the firm. In the acquisition of these firms, the most recent acquisition was the acquiring of Bask Company in the year 2018. Technology adoption is the most important element for any application. If we look at the customer reviews, then we can see that this application is proactively using the most trending technology. Though the firm is using Google Analytics, HTML, and G2 Stack, the company is now pursuing the most trending analytics of BuiltWith. Under this technology, the app is increasing the trends towards SPF and Apache technology. After enhancing the scope of this technology, the company can further enhance its scope in learning applications.

Web Traffic of Brainly App

Brainly application has successfully attained the traffic of a broad number of visitors. According to the report of the Semrush, it can be seen that the website of Brainly application is ranked at 2,006 as compared to all other sites on the World Wide Web. Similarly, it has been observed that the average time spent by the visitors on the site of Brainly is about 508 seconds. Further, it has been observed that the traffic engagement of Brainly application is increasing at the cumulative rate of 54.43 %.

Future Prospects of Investments in Brainly App

It can be seen that the Brianly app has successfully raised up to $ 80 million in the year 2020. This increased capital will be used by the company to increase the efficiency of tools which is delivered to the learners and teachers worldwide.

Virtual Learning Platforms

The increasing trend of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the scope of digitalization in the learning processes of academic institutions across the world. The reason is that the restrictions of social distancing across the world have forced academic institutions to make a transitional shift towards online learning. In these circumstances, the schools and other academic institutions are provoking remote learning. In remote learning, the brainly application is facilitating the students across the world to take assistance in homework. Meanwhile, this application is providing online tutoring services to the students for clarity of concepts.

The trend of Increased Crowdsourcing in Brainly Application Fund Raising

As we have already seen that the Brainly has successfully acquired fund raising in the six phases; therefore, these strategic investments have provided massive support to the company to increase the value of the Brainly application in the long run. Though there are many competitors of Brainly in the online learning platform among which Chegg is the biggest competitor, which is delivering homework solutions. Besides all these perspectives, it can be said that; Brainly app will acquire more investment in the future from potential investors. This investment will assist the application in increasing the scope of online learning. The increased scope of the learning platform will facilitate the students and learners across the world.

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