SABIC Scholarship Program: Your Complete 2023 Guide to Applying for Educational Opportunities

by Khurram Shahzad
sabic scholarships

           Today, it is important for communities to have critical thinkers with command over science and problem-solving skills to survive. These enthusiasts then incorporate their innovative thinking into different fields and contribute to the growth and development of a country. SABIC provides financial support to such students to pursue their careers under a fully funded scholarship.

sabic introduction

Let’s unwind the intricacies of the SABIC scholarship program and see how it can benefit young students;

Scholarships with the help of FOSSI

FOSSI (Future of STEM Scholars initiative) is a national, industry-wide program that helps undergraduate students and provides scholarships at HBCUs to talented students who are seeking STEM degrees. Also, it is collaborating with other industries and providing opportunities for supply chain partners, manufacturers, and other stakeholders to fund scholarships, so that the students will be facilitated with training, opportunities, and leadership skills. SABIC is pleased to take this important step and sustain strong connections to help us achieve more funds to support these worthy scholars. The first FOSSI scholarships with the collaboration of SABIC are being awarded to the 150 students who are national and international students. These scholarships will be awarded to those who are enrolling in colleges in this fall session.

Early Level Positions

           Under the SABIC scholarship, the young graduate is looking for a job in maintenance, operational, and administrative as well as clerical jobs. After adopting the early career development program, the SABIC is focused on attracting new graduate students for the jobs, and the main purpose behind this is that they are trying to fulfill the operational, administrative, along clerical jobs. They also have provided opportunities to newly graduated students who want to get higher education in foreign countries under the sponsorship of SABIC. They specially offered scholarships in the Kingdom, especially in Chemistry, Physics, and mathematics (Dartlet, 2021).

What is the SABIC scholarship program

The SABIC scholarship program is a special program designed to provide financial aid to students who aim to specialize in specific fields. Students from all over Saudi Arabia can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship program provides financial support to students who have the zeal to bring a change in the world. Collaborative scholarships offered by SABIC aim at enhancing diversity while promoting inclusion in the STEM field.

What are the benefits provided under the SABIC scholarship

Under the SABIC scholarship program, the students are offered the following benefits:

  • The students are provided with a Study fee for the time of education under the scholarship program
  • The students are given monthly rewards under the SABIC scholarship program.
  • The scholarship covers the allowances and books printing reports.
  • The students are also provided medical insurance under the scholarship program.
  • The students get a housing allowance along with annual air tickets under the scholarship program
  • Last but not least, high-achieving students are awarded under this scholarship program.

What majors are included in the SABIC scholarship program

Following are the majors which are covered under the SABIC scholarship program

1.     Chemical engineering:

This field of study specializes in chemical products for industries. Chemical products are raw materials into products that can be used in multiple ways. The chemical engineers plan out, design and construct the chemical plants. They then work on developing ways to create economic production.

2.     Mechanical engineering

This field of study focuses on the physical systems and the laws that operate these systems. Industrial machines, their movements, rotations, and fluid properties are all studied under medical engineering.

3.     Finance:

Funds must be regulated and moved in time to achieve project objectives and a streamlined process. This is done in the field of finance. In this field, one specializes in estimating a project’s needs and the time required to recruit and gather those funds. Investments, risks, and the financial decisions to make in different situations are all studied in this field.

4.     Industrial engineering:

Industrial engineering is a branch of engineering concerned with the design and analysis of products. It controls the production and operation of services and the systems involved. An industrial engineer works to design the layout of the production process. He works on increasing productivity, eliminating wastefulness in the production process, and reducing the cost of the product while at the same time maintaining the high quality of the product.

5.     The law:

This discipline is usually classified as a social science subject. It is concerned with human being and their behaviors with other people, their actions, and their reactions. It works by governing human groups and sustaining the relations of peace and humanity among people.

6.     Chemistry:

It is a branch of science that deals with the study of matter, the properties of matter, the changes matter goes through, and the energy involved in those changes. Chemistry is divided into analytical, biochemistry, organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry.

7.     Marketing:

Under this branch, markets and consumer preferences are studied. People in this field learn how to determine the pricing policies and appropriate ways to market the products to increase consumption.

8.     Environmental engineering:

This is a branch of engineering concerned with the study of the environment. The principles of science and ways to improve the environment to make it suitable for humans and other organisms are studied in this field.

9.     Accounting:

This branch of science is concerned with the measurement and interpretation of finances and the ways how recorded, tabulated, stored, and summarized are extensively studied.

10.  Materials science engineering:

This branch of science studies the properties of materials and is an in-depth study of how those properties can be used in science and applied in engineering. It involves physics, chemistry, and engineering fields, like mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering.

11.  Supply chain management:

The supply chain is concerned with managing the flow of information and other goods, which is done between suppliers, the warehouses where they are stored, the manufacturing centers and distribution cells, and the retail stores. This field is also concerned with the raw material used to manufacture goods and the inventory process between facilities.

12.  Safety engineering:

The branch of engineering is concerned with studying the safety systems to provide the highest level of safety. Manufacturing and industrialization of the safety products that can be used to provide safety at work sites and manufacturing facilities.

13.  HR:

The companies and industries are run on the shoulders of the employees. To motivate the employees effectively and in such a way that they reach their full potential, the human resource department works closely with them. It brings everyone together to work on similar grounds. The performance of activities, planning, organizing, and leadership development all occur under the HR department.

14.  Software engineering:

The designing and development of software require a certain set of functions and rules which are studied in this field. The field covers this software’s analysis, design, construction, and testing. This is done in such a way that it meets the users’ needs. Software engineering isn’t about coding or writing the software. Instead, it is about improving the process involved in its development.

What are the conditions for applying for the SABIC scholarship program

The following are the conditions and the eligibility criteria for applying for the SABIC scholarship program:

  • The applicant must be a Saudi national.
  • Students who want to specialize in the STEM majors mentioned can apply for the scholarship.
  • The scholarship application has to be filled out through the official website
  • All the filled data must be accurate and UpToDate
  • The students who will get the high school diploma under the Ministry of Education can apply for this scholarship to acquire admission to undergraduate programs included in the SABIC scholarship program.
  • The student must be getting a diploma from the Department of Natural Sciences to be eligible to apply.
  • The age limit to apply for the scholarship program is 24 years and above. Students who are below 18 can apply for scholarships.
  • The student must get a cumulative average of not more than 90 in high school.
  • The student must score at least 80 in science subjects like mathematics, chemistry, biology, and English.
  • The student must get at least 85 scores on the General aptitude test.
  • The student must pass the personal interview.
  • The student will have to pass the English language test
  • The student will have to pass the medical exam.
  • The students studying social sciences will not be able to apply for the scholarship.

What are the documents needed to apply for the SABIC scholarship

Following are the documents that are required to apply for the SABIC scholarship program

  • The student will have to attach all the official documents.
  • The student must apply for a valid passport for at least a year.
  • The student will need a copy of the father’s family record
  • The student will need recent and clear colored photographs. The photographs should be with a white background. The size should be (4×6,2×2)
  • The face area in the photograph should be 50% of the image’s area.

In which universities are the degrees offered

The degrees awarded under the SABIC scholarship are offered in the Kingdom or abroad. The kingdom offers programs at King Saud University or King Fahad University.

What is the scholarship process

Applying for the SABIC scholarship starts at the end of the school year. The students must complete a two-step application process to apply for the scholarship.

Two-step application process:

Step 1.

The students must sign up on the official website and apply on the website. If the scores are above a certain mark, they are invited to appear in an interview in step 2.

early career

early career step

Step 2.

In this step, the shortlisted students are called for an interview. The students are also tested on their English language skills in the interview. The accepted students are informed and assigned a major.

What are early career programs

SABIC offers highly talented and enthusiastic early career programs. They take a specific number of young graduates. They invest in the development of the selected candidates. This development program aims to build a strong base of expertise.

In the early career program, the young candidates work in rotations. The program lasts for 1-2 years, and the rotations are divided so that they cover the key areas in which the student works. The graduates have many experiences, from learning to on-the-job training, development courses, and coaching.

ECP is available in the following functional areas under SABIC:

  • Manufactories, project, and engineering
  • Finance
  • IR
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain

What are entry-level positions

SABIC appoints fresh graduates to the maintenance, operational, clerical, and administrative positions at SABIC. SABIC attracts new graduates to fill in this position. These jobs are specifically are those students who want to aim at getting higher education in foreign countries under SABIC scholarships. These scholarships are in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics in the Kingdom.

Who is the CEO of SABIC, is Saudi Aramco a part of SABIC

Abdurrahman Alfageeh is the new CEO of SABIC starting from march 21, 2023. Sabic is a public company with up to 70% of shares of Saudi Aramco in SABIC, while 30% of the remaining shares are used to trade on the Saudi stock exchange. Aramco is known for its role in petrochemical, industrial polymers, metals, and fertilizers.

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While the world is advancing in STEM and adding innovations, Saudi Arabian students must pave their way and make a name for themselves. SABIC scholarships allow such students to step into the world of advancements and hold a transformative force to change the future for themselves and the Kingdom. Providing the students with a waiver for their financial burden, SABIC scholarships not only empower the Saudi students but also adds to the economic growth and development of the Kingdom.

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