Turkiye Burslari Scholarship

by Khurram Shahzad
Students that are aiming to study in the international institute for their higher education required a lot of financial support. International studies have been the goal for several students to become part of the competent organization to achieve much more riches and success in their life. They are doing their best to improve their grades and CGPA for these international study programs. As many of the academic institutes are offering scholarship programs to such deserving students that have higher grades but are unable to join the educational degrees out there. It brings in a lot of support for such students to not rely on their parents for their expenses and become the self-dependent individual to get the maximum output and reward for their efforts and hard work.

Education Base in Turkey for Higher Education

Turkey is also moving forward in offering the funded scholarship programs for higher education degrees for students all over the world. They are not offering this funding for just a single program but they are also offering the undergraduate, master, associate and PhD degree-based scholarship to their applicants. It is helping the Turkish government to develop a healthy relationship with the other countries to mutually getting the benefits and contribute to the orientation of the global knowledge improvement approach for their public.

Scholarship Programs are Strengthening the Global Knowledge

Turkey has been considered as the home of education that is holding a great significance because of their knowledge about culture, history and the centuries of the information in their grasp. It is acting as the bridge between Europe and Asia because of its ability to manifest the cultural values of both sides. It has been extending its roots for their greater beliefs and the cultures far into Anatolia, Balkans and the Middle East. In this Area, modern turkey is working further on their development and economic growth as they are playing an active role in the management of their religious beliefs and the decorative point of view in the single frame. As these efforts become more abundant the mobility of the students has been rising in turkey because of numerous opportunities for them. In the past decade, the number of scholarships is being increased 75% on basis of their current figures that are welcoming the students to expand their knowledge at the international platform. They are offering the global vision of education by enhancing the international student’s mobility by offering them funded scholarships for their education and expenses. According to the vision of the turkey scholarships, the generation with the academic weapons and the basis of the great cultural values can achieve many significant opportunities to handle the global issues much peacefully. They are promoting solidary, global mutual understanding and make the equal opportunity available for everyone.

Turkish Scholarship Programs for International Students

These scholarships are based on the branched and the short term scholarship program along with the associate, master, undergraduate and PhD scholarship programs:
  • Islamic Studies Scholarship program
  • Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Programs
  • Support Scholarship Programs
  • Research Scholarship Program
  • Success Scholarship program
  • Ibni Sina Medical Sciences Scholarship Programs
  • Ahilik Vocational Training Scholarship Program
  • Ibnei Haldun Social Sciences Graduate Scholarship
  • Ali Kascu Science and Technology Graduate Scholarship
  • Turkiye Africa Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Bosphorus Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Balkans Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Harran Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Turkish Speaking Countries Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Black Sea Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Anatolian Undergraduate Scholarship Program
  • Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Program
All these scholarship programs are offering funds to the students that are acquiring their degrees from the international institute. Their support services are being given to the specific countries applicants according to their given information and countries they are covering in their scholarship programs.

Application Criteria

The basic academic requirements for the application of Turkish scholarship programs. It includes:
  • Minimum 70% marks achieve in the bachelor’s degree
  • Minimal 75% marks have been achieved in the master and the PhD programs
  • As for health science, they must have achieved 90% marks in their academic evaluation for Dentistry, Pharmacy and Medicine
  • Applicant must be under the age of 21 for the undergraduate scholarship program
  • Applicant must be under 30 for the master’s scholarship programs
  • For the doctorate scholarship program, the applicant should be under the age of 35
  • Citizens of all countries are acceptable for applying as academicians and researchers for these scholarships
  • Turkish citizens or has lost their citizenship are not eligible
  • Already registered students for the Turkish universities are not eligible

Application Process

All you need to do is get your all documents together to check their eligibility to apply for this scholarship. After satisfying that eligibility criteria to make it available for the correct format for the online website and begin the application for the Turkey government Scholarship

What Do These Scholarships Actually Cover for Their Successful Applicants?

It may cover the academic expenses for their university, along with the extra expense for their living, accommodation and health maintained to make it easier for the students to keep their focus on their education instead of working outside to meet their expenses. Most of the students have to drop their semester because they are earning the whole sum for their tuition fee of the semester and if they get unable to collect the amount. They will be unable to appear in the next semester. They have to take a break that is threatening their academic career to fall apart badly. According to the type of the scholarship, it is covering the different aspects of their studying phase like as:

The Full-Time Scholarship Program

  1. Undergraduate International Scholarship
  • Monthly Stipend 800TL per month
  • Tuition fee
  • Health insurance
  • Return flight once-off return
  • Accommodation expenses
  • Turkish course for 1 tear language program
  1. Postgraduate Scholarship Program
  • Monthly stipends_ Master’s 1,100 per month/ PhD 1,600 per month
  • Tuition fee
  • Health insurance
  • Expense for Accommodation
  • Flight ticket once-off return
  • Turkish language course for one year
  1. Short-Term Program
  • Monthly Stipend: Bachelor’s 450 TL per month/ Master’s 600 TL per month/ PhD 900 TL per month
  • No accommodation or other amenities are being covered in the scholarship program
  1. Research Scholarship Program
  • Monthly stipend: 3,000 TL per month
  • No accommodation or other amenities are being covered in the scholarship program
  1. Turkish Cultural and Language Programs
  • Monthly stipend: 2,000 per month
  • Accommodation
  • Flight ticket once-off return
  • Turkish language course

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