King Saud Scholarship Program: A Complete Guide 2023

by Khurram Shahzad

What is King Saud Scholarship Program?

The Kind Saud University Scholarship is the scholarship program of King Saud University that has a 287 ranked in the world as far as the QS classification is concerned. King Saud University has ranked six among all the Arab countries, and they opened the scholarship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for international students. They have offered the scholarship in almost all the majors for bachelor degree. Through this scholarship, King Saud University is trying to revive the scientific and excellence of the Islamic civilization.

Aims of King Saud Scholarship program

This scholarship has an objective to expand education across the world without any discrimination of their gender because, through this scholarship, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is offered the scholarship for males and females with equal opportunities to get it. King Saud University has an aim to promote knowledge in the entire major across the Saudi Kingdom. They support the students economically and morally to enhance their skills and expertise by maintaining the competitive advantages as compared to other nations, especially in the field of science and arts, and increase their contribution to invention and discovery. So the main aim is to expand education worldwide and to promote innovation.

Detail of Scholarship

The complete detail of the King Saud Scholarship is as follows,

  • They offered the scholarship for the bachelor or undergraduate students in all the majors
  • The students who have a high school diploma are also eligible for the scholarship
  • This scholarship is totally free and has no submission fee
  • This scholarship is offered without any demand of the language certificate
  • The age limit of this scholarship are between 17 to 25 years
  • The students must not get any other scholarship under the Saudi educational institution

Majors in which Scholarship King Saud Scholarship Offered

This scholarship has been offered in almost all the fields of study or majors such as Information technology, computer engineering, natural gas, and petroleum engineering, information system, industrial engineering, Turkish language and translation, Turkish language and translation, hotel and tourism management, physical fitness and sports training. They also offer a scholarship in almost all the majors of science such as zoology, botany, chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and statistics, along with applied economics and animal protection. These are some leading majors in which universities are offering the scholarship, but they offered the scholarship in the majors of the study, especially for the undergraduate level.

Advantages of Scholarship

The scholarship for the internal and external students has the following benefits;

  • There is no tuition fee and no health care expenditure
  • Complete health care for students and their family members
  • The students who are selected for the scholarship are receiving the two-month allowance with the bonus that they have spent during the application process
  • Under this scholarship, the students are getting adequate housing, training care, along with social and scientific culture

Polices of King Saud University Scholarships

Like every other scholarship program, this scholarship also has some rules and regulations because every year a huge number of international students are applying for this and the great number of students are successfully gets this scholarship. The ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia is making some rules and regulations for the students who apply for this and also for the students who get the King Saud scholarship. Under these rules and regulations, some students are successfully getting this scholarship while some students are failed to get the scholarship. Some rules to get the scholarship are as follows,

  • If students have any Government job, they are unable not eligible for the scholarship
  • Students who Withdraw or postpone the semester are unable to get the scholarship
  • Students with a low CGPA below 2.0 were also disqualified from the scholarship
  • Students who failed the medical examination required in the Kingdom

There are some more policies to gets this scholarship along with above mention rules and regulations.

Values of King Saud University Scholarship

There are different amounts of money and facilities are offered for different segments of scholarship why different groups enjoy different scholarship awards. Some detail of the money granted under this scholarship are as follows,

For Undergraduates

  • To students of Humanities (SR850)
  • To scientific studies students (SR1000)

For Graduates

  • Ph.D. Dissertation (SR4000)
  • Graduate Studies (SR900)
  • Master Thesis (SR3000)

In addition, along with above mention stipend, Kind Saud University provides another chance for external or international students to get the scholarship because these scholarships are merit-based, and you should read the eligibility criteria before relating to academic merits.

Documents and Paper required for Submission

The below mention documents are necessary for applying for the King Saud scholarship,

  • A passport and national identity card copy
  • One copy of the secondary school certificate along with the copy of the whole academic record
  • One copy of the Birth certificate
  • One copy of the character certificate

 King Saud University Excellence Rewards

This reward is only offered for the international students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this reward has a total worth of one thousand Saudi Riyal; and in order to get the additional benefits associated with this scholarship, you should do well throughout your program of study and your good performance should not be restricted to only one class. In other words, you should get the highest grade or A in every class. The stipends of the scholarship are paid at regular intervals during the period of study if students are just focused on their study to avoid underperforming in their study spam. They receive the amount of scholarship in their bank accounts by providing the ATM cards given to them.


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How to Apply

The students must follow the below mentioned process to apply for this scholarship,

  • After getting the login, you should first provide personal data such as your country, city, and date of birth.
  • Education information or data should be provided after providing the personal information, such as your qualification and grades, etc.
  • The images of your educational and personal documents should be uploaded.
  •   After that, you select the major in which you want to get the scholarship

In the end, Submission is made by pressing the submit button


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