Top 30 Ed-Tech Startups in UAE 2023

أفضل 30 شركة ناشئة في مجال تكنولوجيا التعليم في الإمارات العربية المتحدة 2023

by Khurram Shahzad
ED-tech startups

This blog sheds light on the top 30 Edtech startup ecysystem of UAE. The global market of EdTech is likely to reach a worth of 40 billion USD by the end of the year 2023.  Government support has been substantial in the growth of these Ed-Tech startups in the middle east region, where there are plenty of Ed-tech startups.

In modern times, education has progressed and changed drastically. Education nowadays is more tilted towards technology. There is always some link between education and technology, now called Ed-Tech. Businesspeople see this as an opportunity to gain profit; conversely, students in the Middle East are taking advantage of this opportunity. The prominent 30 Ed-Tech startups in UAE are as follows:

Let’s take a look at the top 30 best ed-tech startups in the Middle East (2023):

  1. Asafeer
  2. Abjadiyat
  3. Almentor.net
  4. Coded Minds
  5. Creative Technology Solutions
  6. Deep Knowledge
  7. Edarabia
  8. EdNex
  9. Englease
  10. eTutor Home
  11. Gleac
  12. HBMSU
  13. Kalebr
  14. Lamsa
  15. Nahla wa Nahil
  16. Potential
  17. QiDZ
  18. Class Card
  19. SchoolVoice
  20. Sindyan Educational Media
  21. Training Calendar
  22. Urban Circle
  23. Ustad Mobile
  24. WinjiGo
  25. Zenda
  26. Coinmarketpedia
  27. Geek Express
  28. Noon Academy
  29. IR4Lab
  30. Digital Spring Ventures

1. Asafeer:



Asafeer is a digitally based platform that pursues the latest technology for adapting the Arabic language on a different scale. The latest research and studies are made on adapting the Arabic language digitally. Moreover, Asafeer also offers creative content for children, which helps them learn Arabic.

Qualified teachers are also hired digitally to help students put them on the right track. Any confusion or problem is sorted out with the help of teachers who are available 24/7. It would be right to say that Asafeer is a digital library that offers its students a variety of books and stories, which helps them learn more about the Arabic language.

2. Abjadiyat



Abjadiyat is an Abu Dhabi-based startup. Abjadiyat is a digital learning platform for primary students from kindergarten to the fourth standard. It offers Arabic language learning skills with interactive and creative methods.

Professional experts and designers design Abjadiyat. It also can access teachers and parents to follow the student’s progress. This makes it much easier for the new students to cope with the Arabic language.

3. Almentor.net



Almentor is an e-learning platform which offers Arabic and English video courses, including motivational and informative talks. Almentor is currently operating in the Middle East and Africa.

Almentor offers its students a variety of experts who help them learn and grow. Almentor has one of the most diverse faculties in e-learning platforms. As the word diverse is used, this includes teachers with expertise in business management, medicine, archaeology, photography etc. Its total funding is around $24.5 million.




Coded Minds is a digital learning platform on a global level. It is also known as iSTEAM and is a leadership technology company. Minds emphasise building skill levels of the next generation according to the digital era of the 21st century.

Elaborating iSteam labs can be expressed as a program for children by engaging them with play-based learning activities. Kids can interact with technology under the supervision of teachers and parents, helping them study easily.

5.Creative Technology Solutions Creative Technology Solutions



Creative Technology Solutions is a Middle Eastern digital educational platform. CTS offers different schools and universities digital solutions and helps them implement technology in classrooms.

CTS’s main motto is to enhance students’ studying experience using information technology (IT). They have helped over 70 schools switch simple class learning with 1-to-1 student learning using Intel Educational Tablets provided to each student. CTS was established in 2013 and now serves over 500,000 students with digital solutions.

6. Deep Knowledge

Deep Knowledge is a digital library that offers its users several cost-efficient solutions. Deep Knowledge is an e-library platform which allows its users to maximise the user researcher’s benefits in a theme of one’s choice.

Deep Knowledge has experience of over 10 years as they are operating in MENA countries. They offer various services and products, from online content and resources to tailor-made access and library solutions.

7. Edarabia



Edarabia is the best institutional guide in the whole middle east. It helps students, parents, and teachers to compare educational institutions and choose accordingly. Apart from educational comparisons, Edarabia also offers a variety of features, including upcoming events, job listings, industry news and research studies.

Edarabia covers all levels of education, including universities, schools, colleges, nurseries, language schools, musical institutions, and virtual universities. Edarabia provides a variety of tutors regarding different subjects as well.

8.  EdNex



EdNex is another Dubai-based digital learning platform offering students various solutions per their demands. EdNex also focuses on developing students with their training sessions by professional consultants and workshops. EdNex possesses specialization in K-12 and engineering labs.

K-12 program includes a list of modern-day programs, including:

  • Robotics
  • AR and VR studies
  • Coding
  • Arduino Studies
  • Design and Tech Labs
  • STEM Education for Kids
  • Marketspace
  • Digital Ecosystems

9  Englease



Englease is a virtual platform that focuses on teaching its students the art of the English language. Englease was originally established to improve concepts of the English language in MENA countries. Sharpening every aspect of the English language, including grammar, pronunciation, comprehension, vocabulary, and writing.

Englease offers its students a video library that helps them clear any doubts and confusion regarding English. Englease provides its English solutions to individuals, schools, businesses, and industries. Englease also prepares its students for IELTS as well.

10. eTutor Home



eTutor Home is an online teaching project where professional tutors teach and monitor students online. eTutor Home was founded back in 2012. eTutor Home provides its students with several tutors as per the demand of the students.

eTutor Home is specially designed for students who intend to study from home. eTutor Home claims expertise in IDBP, O-Levels/GCSE-AS, A-Levels, CBSE, ICSE, IELTS, SAT and ACT.

11. Gleac



Founded in 2018, Gleac is an ed-tech company established to help learn and gain skills for individuals from the cooperating sector. Professional mentors and tutors are hired by the Gleac who start from the basics of the individuals to a level of expertise.

Live talk shows are held where experts focus on specific topics, and students can ask questions accordingly. This helps in clearing the concepts of students.


HBMSU is the first virtual university in UAE. HBMSU was founded in 2002. HBMSU offers undergraduate and graduate programs. Like any other university, admissions begin in the fall and spring of the year.

Introducing mobile learning, HBMSU is now one of the best universities in the UAE. HBMSU offers programs like resource management, quality management, accounting and finance, and health administration.

13. Kalebr



Kalebr is a digitally UAE-based firm which helps its students to develop and enhance their skills. Kalebr uses technology as an innovation in the academic sector. Kalebr is now collaborating with K12 schools to launch a new product line by 2025.

14   Lamsa



Lamsa teaching application designed by UAE. It is specifically designed for children who are under the age of 12. Lamsa helps children develop skills that help them think and create new concepts.

Lasma is a diverse art, giving application to pupils for their competitive learning. Lamsa is a fun exploring platform for kids to quickly multitask with other activities.

Lamsa teaches basic subjects, including mathematics, science, cognitive skill, languages, arts, and design. Different interactive activities are given to children and supervised by their parents and teachers.

15   Nahla wa Nahil


Nahla wa Nahil is a digital platform for K-9 students who want to gain a strong command of the Arabic language Nahla wa Nahil is a digital platform, making learning Arabic easier for kids. It offers interactive fun activities learning for the students.

These activities include interactive audio, books, educational games, puzzles, and quizzes. Nahla wa Nahil grants access to the parents so that they can monitor the children’s progress. Teachers can create online sessions, assignments, and quizzes for the students.

16. Potential



The Potential is a digitally powered platform that provides students with solutions. The students can use different AI tools to progress their research programs. Potential believes in empowering students with the help of AI so that they maximise their output.

17. QiDZ



Qidz is a startup arranging interesting activities for engaging kids by providing a proper mobile application. This application is available on Android and iOS. Parents are suggested by a list of fun learning activities for their kids.

They choose plans which are suitable for their children. Qidz offers discounts and deals on some particular activities, making the application more attractive.

18. Class Card (Previously Report Card-Education Analytics


Class Card is a career counselling platform for students ready to pursue secondary and higher education. Class Card has professional career counsellors with different educational backgrounds varying according to the subjects. Most of the staff members of the team are Indians.

Students can freely express thoughts about their future, and counsellors can mould those thoughts right towards the path of absolute success.

19. SchoolVoice



School voice is an application founded for the assistance of the school and parents to keep track of the student’s academic performance. Again, SchoolVoice is an application designed by UAE.

It is a simple application which makes itself user-friendly for people of all ages. As a parent, you can overview your kid’s academic and extracurricular activities and make decisions accordingly.

And as a school, SchoolVoice transforms itself into a tool and provides several features that help a school perform different tasks.

20. Sindyan Educational Media



Sindyan Educational Media is a digital company that provides educational products for students under 10. It has designed a feature named STEP Buddies.

This feature offers its clients a variety of educational mini-series related to different basic subjects such as preserving nature, floods etc. This feature includes interactive educational activities, quizzes, matching games, colouring, etc. The application is available on both iOS and Androids in both languages English and Arabic.

21  Training Calendar

Training Calendar


Training Calendar is a startup that helps individuals improve their skill levels and progress in their careers with the help of AI. Training Calendar is the only platform that brings all stakeholders together for skill development. These stakeholders are buyers and sellers.

Here buyers sharpen their skills according to their field by attending different training programs, career counselling meetings, freelancing classes etc. And these training programs are provided by the sellers.

22 Urban Circle:

Urban Circle


Urban Circle is a platform designed for parents’ assistance, allowing them to use different features to make parenting easier. It also offers tutoring services for the students so that parents can be carefree regarding the educational aspect of their kids.

In short, it would be right to say Urban Circle is designed to assist parents. The founders of the Urban Circle are two mothers who understand the complexity of parenting.

23. Ustad Mobile



Ustad Mobile is a learning application specially designed for mobile phones. Taking education on a mobile level helps teachers make teaching even more interesting. With the help of the application, teachers can create interactive learning resources by posting different online and offline quizzes, informative videos, and images.

Like a physical classroom, teachers can attend and track students’ performance and attendance with application help. Ustad Mobile is a UAE-based startup that can be operated globally.

24. WinjiGo



WinjiGo is an ed-tech platform that is designed for the use of both teachers and students. Offering different assessments are made with the help of teachers’ efforts. Taking e-learning on a different scale by simplifying its use is considered a huge perk of WinjiGo as it makes itself accessible anywhere.

With the involvement of Microsoft, WinjiGo commences its classes and assessments on Microsoft Word, Office and Excel.

25. Zenda



Zenda is a financial management platform for students and individuals who need help to afford expensive educational programs. According to future study opportunities, Zenda helps families make a proper financial program.

Providing them with different plans, including paying school bills now or later, unlocking different rewards whenever they manage to pay the amount. This makes it flexible for the student’s family to pay the fees without stress.

26   Thenewscypto:



Thenewscrypto is an educational platform specialising in teaching the Bitcoin market’s depths. Founded in 2020, Thenewscrypto hires professional crypto traders who deliver their lectures on the ups and downs of the stock market of cryptocurrency.

The company provides information and updates on the latest news concerning cryptocurrencies, exchanges, predictions, and markets within the blockchain industry.

27   Geek Express:

Geek express


Geek Express is an ed-tech startup, the first MENA digital platform offering K-12 students the latest technology. Having qualified trainers helps students cause of gaining more tech-based education. Students are involved more often in coding and app development exercises under the guidance of professional trainers. Again, Geek Express is a UAE settles startup.

28. Noon Academy:

Noon academy


Noon Academy is an e-tutoring platform established in UAE. Noon Academy offers plenty of programs and courses in 8 countries with over 12 million students. They are providing students with online interactive tutoring and training sessions. These interactive sessions assist students in discussing the details of the subject.

Noon Academy also offers features where you can interact with your friends by creating online sessions and challenging each other. Noon Academy is also available as an application, which can be installed from the Apple or play store.

29.   IR4Lab:



IR4Lab is an ed-tech startup based in Saudi Arabia. They aim to connect education with technological advancements such as AI and blockchain. IR4Lab system provides consulting, digital transformation, education, system integration and lab innovation services.

Talking about education, IR4Lab offers education in the form of videos, images, online lectures, and courses.

30. Digital Spring Ventures:

Digital Spring Ventures


At Digital Spring Ventures, manage a growth capital fund that invests in next-generation companies operating in the Internet, IT and Technology sectors in the emerging markets of CIS, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

DSV aims to assist ambitious entrepreneurs and management teams in building successful businesses. They diversify investments geographically and select rapidly growing and resilient industries to achieve this. DSV tends to provide high returns in growing markets while minimising risk.

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Ed-Tech startups are now more frequently used as a source of learning in the UAE. After COVID-19,  online education came into trend more often. But now, it has become a need of modern times to study via an ed-tech system. Especially in the UAE, where life is busy, ed-tech plays a vital role in the educational system. Ed-tech offers education and provides how-know of modern technology and its usage.

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