Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship program: A Detailed Guide

by Dr. Isma Amin

With rising global inflation, educational expenses have also hit the sky. It’s become hard for students who work hard and deserve to support their education from international universities. To solve this problem and to provide enthusiastic and motivated students with a chance to study abroad and learn from one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia has started an initiative that offers scholarships in many fields and disciplines, around 200 universities of the world.

What are the objectives of this program?

  • This program has been designed to give a chance to deserving students to pursue their careers in one of the top-ranking universities in the world.
  • The purpose of this initiative is to raise the efficiency of human capital and to contribute to the development of the nation.
  • The program was designed to strengthen the Kingdom’s capabilities in Research and development, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • It was designed to contribute to rehabilitating and strengthening capabilities in scientific disciplines. The candidates would acquire the necessary skills to become promising leaders for the qualitative projects launched by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
  • The students would graduate from the top institutions to become skilled enough to improve the nation’s development. They will also become a mediator between the nation and the rest of the world by representing Saudi Arabia on international forums. This would result in more opportunities our way.

What are track programs

The Ministry of Education added four track programs under the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques scholarship program.

  1. Pioneers track
  2. Research and development track
  3. Imdad track
  4. Promising track

Paths in the Program

What is the Pioneer track program

This track of the Custodian of two holy mosques scholarship program aims to provide students with scholarships to the world’s top 30 universities and institutions in numerous fields and countries. This will improve the human capital’s efficacy for those wishing to pursue a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. It offers scholarships for two degrees in 30 universities and seven states.


The degrees offered by this program include Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. The candidates have to have an undergraduate-level degree to apply for this program. It’s an in-person study program.

List of countries:

  • United States of America
  • Britain
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • Switzerland

List of specialties:

It supports all disciplines, be it in medicine or humanity.

Research and development track:

The research and development track in the Custodian of the Two Holy mosques program aims to provide scholarships to the best 200 universities in the world. It aims at providing Research and development for enthusiastic students to acquire skills and expertise in their field and the priority areas that will result in the development of this field.

Research and development

Degree offered:

This track provides scholarships for Ph.D.-level degrees. The study style for the research and development track is face-to-face study mode. Candidates have to have a bachelor’s degree to be able to apply for the Ph.D. programs.

List of specialties:

This track offers scholarships in various fields, from finance and marketing to crops and medicine.

Supply path by the Imdaad track:

The supply path by the dead track program was designed to help students gain education from the top 200 institutes of the world. The purpose of this track was to meet the needs of the labor market by sending students to the world’s top universities to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

supply path


The dead track program’s supply path is bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The minimum education required for the student to apply is a high school degree. This path supports in-person study mode.

The promising path:

This path in the Custodian of two holy mosques scholarship program will be updated later.

supply path

List of countries to where you can apply:

The following list shows all the countries and the number of cities with universities eligible for scholarships by Supply Path.

  1. Britain: 69 universities in 34 cities
  2. China: 4 cities and 75 universities
  3. Singapore: 1 city and three universities
  4. United States of America: 84 cities and 144
  5. Malaysia: 6 cities and nine universities
  6. India: 5 cities and eight universities
  7. Russia: 4 cities and ten universities
  8. Japan: 5 cities and 13 universities
  9. France: 12 cities and 32 universities
  10. South Korea: 5 cities and 14 universities
  11. Italy: 10 cities and 24 universities
  12. Germany: 18 cities and 34 universities
  13. Australia: 15 cities and 28 Universities
  14. Holland: 14 cities and 15 Universities
  15. Switzerland: 14 cities and 20 Universities

How to choose a university:

You can choose the region in the world you want to visit and then select one of the universities available in that region. Do thorough Research to check if the universities listed on the track offer the courses you are interested in, and then apply to those universities that are eligible.


List of Majors

The program provides scholarships for almost 44 fields and many majors. One can check the majors offered in a particular field by selecting the field from the list.

list of majors

Some of the fields include:

  • Management and Administration
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Crop and Livestock production
  • Crops
  • Food industry
  • Marketing and advertising, and many more.

Post-study benefits:

Employers always prefer students who graduate from prestigious universities for job opportunities. International education and a degree from one of the best universities in the world open doors for excellent opportunities to work and excel.

Who can apply:

The applicant has to be a Saudi National. The applicant must have proof of a good code of conduct. The applicant must acquire admission from one of the educational institutions mentioned in the list on the track. There is no specific age limit or requirement to apply for the track. Any Saudi national belonging to any age group can apply. Government and private sector employees can also apply if the scholarship and track conditions are met.

Can anyone accompany the candidate:

The program offers permission to the candidates to take their children with them. The companion accompanying the candidate and residing with him/her in the country of education is given an allowance per the system. The presence of a mahram is not required for female students to pursue their education abroad with the Imdad track program.

Candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in one major can apply for a master’s degree in another major, and the application will be accepted. However, the scholarship does not include expenses for a year required to study English in countries where the primary language for education is English, like Britain/America. The admission must fulfill the conditions mentioned.

How many years of scholarship is awarded:

  • For bachelor’s degree: It is awarded as per the requirement of the educational institution, provided that it is at most five years.
  • For master’s degree: It is awarded per the institution’s requirement, provided it doesn’t exceed two years.
  • For doctorate: It is awarded per the education institution requirements provided it is at most three years.

Conditions to apply for the scholarship:

  • The applicant must obtain direct and unconditional admission from the list of programs in one of the universities mentioned.
  • The applicant can obtain admission from more than one university mentioned in the track.
  • Once the applicant applies to different tracks, the program administration will analyze and compare them and choose one application to be accepted according to the results. If the applicant sends more than one application for the same track, one of the applications will be considered.
  • No aptitude or achievement test score is required to apply for the scholarship. All a candidate needs is an unconditional admission offer from the university.

How to apply:

Register as an ambassador:

  1. The applicant must register in the Safir system. Once registered, the applicant should click “Those willing to study” and request a scholarship.
  2. Then the applicant must register as an ambassador by selecting this button.
  1. The applicant can be absent in Saudi Arabia when applying because the process to register and apply is electronic.

Documents required:

  1. A copy of the applicant’s valid passport.
  2. A copy of the previous qualification certificate and a copy of the equivalence if it is from outside the Kingdom.
  3. An official unconditional acceptance letter clearly states the major, the date of study commencement, and the university’s name.
  4. A copy of the academic record
  5. A copy of the official registration letter from the university
  6. The study visa in case of starting the study
  7. Registered national address for the applicant

Path conditions:

  • The admission must be in the top 200 educational institutions mentioned in the track.
  • The admission must be final and unconditional.
  • The admission must be issued by the admission and registration office at one of the universities mentioned in the list.
  • If the country where the student acquires admission is non-English-speaking, then the admission could be conditional, with the condition to study the country’s language first, and the scholarships are available to study languages.

You can also read more about Khalifa University scholarship program;

Final Thoughts:

The Custodian of two holy mosques scholarship program is an excellent initiative to allow people to pursue their dreams of making a career and getting an education from one the best institutions in the world. This gives people a chance to acquire skills and knowledge that would help in their personal development as well as the prosperity of the country.

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