Discover the Top 25 Apps Every Middle Eastern Student Needs to Succeed in School 2023

اكتشف أفضل 25 تطبيقًا يحتاجها كل طالب في الشرق الأوسط للنجاح في المدرسة

by Khurram Shahzad

In the new world of advancing technologies, knowledge is not confined to books anymore and can be accessed through apps. Some apps are used to support the educational learning experience of students and enhance productivity. Middle Eastern students can easily download the apps on Iphones and Ipads, and they can be used anywhere.

25 educational apps for Middle Eastern students

25 educational apps for Middle Eastern students

Let’s take a look at the top 25 educational apps for Middle Eastern students:

  • What is the purpose of these apps
  • Where can these apps be installed
  • What are the top 25 educational apps for Middle Eastern students

What is the purpose of these apps

They enhance the learning, cognitive, problem-solving, communication skills, and expertise of students of different age groups. The students of the school, colleges, and the university can seek access to educational applications. These apps could also help the students with their homework.

Where can these apps be installed

The majority of the applications for the students are installed on Android and IOS (IPAD). They are connected to the Smartphone devices of the students. The 25 best applications for the students explained below are currently accessible to Android, IPad, or  IOS devices.

What are the top 25 apps for Middle East students

Following are the top 25 apps for Middle East students:

1.     Duolingo

Duolingo app introduction

It is one of the best language-learning apps that interactively teaches languages. The app has made learning the English language easy, and all the student needs to do is to spend 20 minutes on the app every day. The app is structured to teach seven new words in each lesson.

Duolingo lessons

The lessons are made interactive and interesting, and the student gets rewarded for completing the lesson. Using a gamified system, Duolingo helps students learn multiple languages, including Dutch, French, Danish, Spanish, Italian, German, and many more.

2.     Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

kahoot App introduction

It is an educational application teachers use to track the students’ discussions, quizzes, and assignments. It encompasses a game-based classroom system of responses that are focused in much real-time! The computer screen displays the activity-based learning material in multiple-choice questions about students’ assignments and quizzes.

kahoot app

3.     Genome Heroes

genome heroes


Long gone are the days of cramming papers. The new technological advancements have made it easy for students to enter the world of science and technology by seeing information in pictures and animations.

Genome Heroes allows the students to discover creatures and find their cures by playing unique games with different storylines. The students can learn in detail about cells, genes, mutations, DNA, and more. Students also learn about heredity and how to cure multiple diseases by playing fun and interactive games.

4.     Headway

Headway app

Headway makes reading easy and fun by providing bite-sized information that is easy to digest for the students with their daily routines. It summarizes the best sellers for the learners to reach their reading goals and get inspired.

headway app review

It provides 1500+ book summaries of less than 15 minutes. The summaries can be read or listened to. It also provides daily insights. It promotes spaced repetition, which is proven to help students learn and memorize better by providing a recall option so that learners can turn their insights into flashcards and memorize whatever they want on the go.

5.     EWA English Language Learning

Ewa English language app

EWA English Language Learning app allows Middle Eastern students to learn English, French, and Spanish anywhere, anytime. It is like having a personalized English tutor in your pocket.

ewa english language review

It has more than 1000 English, Spanish, and French books. The books are available in text and audio form, which the student can listen to. Some vide-courses involve Tv characters and people’s favorite movie scenes, which makes the learning process more fun. It also has a game section with exercises for cognitive training and brain games.

6.     PictureThis – Plant identifier

Picture this app

Have you ever passed by a beautiful garden and wanted to know more about a beautiful plant you spotted but didn’t know who to ask? PictureThis is here to answer all your plan-related queries much better than humans.

Picture this app review

PictureThis allows the users to help identify a plan by taking and uploading its picture. Not only that, it also allows the users to identify plant diseases and find their cure. It has the option to set the timer to water your plants. It provides the user with all the necessary information to care for their plants anywhere.

7.     Clever: Brain Logic Training

Clever: Brain Logic Training is a gaming app that stimulates your brain to perform better. Learn and grow by playing various training games. It has various levels of Music, Memory, and math games that challenge your brain to think, devise plans, innovate, explore, and learn.

clever app review

The various bite-sized games in the app polish a student’s Logic and memory skills and can make young Middle Eastern students competent to perform well in their studies.

8.     Learn 33 Languages with Mondly

learn 33 languages app

Mondly makes learning languages easy and interactive by providing clear audio, useful phrases that can be used in real-life situations, Conversations that help the students learn, and an advanced statistics report which allows the user to check their progress and analyze their shortcomings.

learn 33 languages app review

Middle Eastern students can now learn Spanish, American English, British English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Romanian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Hindi, Hebrew, Polish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Czech, Croatian, Finnish, Persian (Farsi), Afrikaans and Turkish for free using Mondly.

9.     Bright – English for beginners

bright app

This app allows users to build up their vocabulary and learn up to 6000 words in English in just 10 minutes every day. It employs the fast brain interactive technique. The app offers engaging training sessions to the students, which keeps them hooked on the learning process. It also offers quizzes that help the students learn how much they have progressed and learned over time.

bright app review

10.     LinkedIn Learning

linkedin learning app

LinkedIn Learning can help enthusiastic Middle East students to attain the necessary skills they need to excel in the field of their choice. There are bite-sized video courses available at any time. There are more than 4000 business courses available that can also be downloaded to view offline. It also allows the users to get a certificate to be added to their LinkedIn profile.

Linked in leaning app review

11.     Reading Eggs

reading eggs app

            It is a multi-award-winning educational application that aids children to read the content. It has a list of famous books and other informative essays that can add to the knowledge base of students of different age groups. It also has access to interactive reading games.

reading eggs app review

Digital storybooks are also incorporated into this application. It is for children aged 2-13 and is integrated as part of five major components. These consist of phonics, vocabulary, comprehension skills, and speech fluency.

12.     Speech Blubs: Language Therapy

speech bulbs App

It is another application for speech therapy. It has been developed by speech and language pathologists using voice control technology. It is also useful in enabling the articulation of speech, who are especially confronted with problems in uttering wordings properly. It incorporates puzzles, stickers, video-making, and other mini-games that can be used to assist school-going students in their speech delivery.

speech bulbs App

13.     Google Classroom

google classroom

Google Classroom is useful in spreading information and giving alerts about different educational activities for students. The alerts are provided on the Google documents sheets and calendar. These keep the academic activities of the students organized and managed. The students can effectively trace and track the information needed in their academic activities on time using Google Classroom.

google classroom app review

14.     Bookful

bookful app

It is a small books library for the students of the school that is augmented with 3- dimensional graphics and tools of augmented reality. The topics of dinosaurs and other literature are extensively included in the application of Bookful. This application always keeps the students busy and concentrated on different creative tasks.

bookful app review

15.     Kids Academy

kids academy


This educational application is most suitable for young school students to stay up-to-date and involved in several academic tasks. A unique learn-to-play program is mostly used in this application to engages the students with the latest and current technology.  Artificial intelligence, customized learning tools, and gamification are suitable to assist kids in putting forth their best in education.

kids academy app review


16.     Khan Academy

khan academy app

It is a highly preferred educational application at the college level for students. It is designed both for the students and the teachers. It provides access to free practice exercises, information-based videos, and tutorials related to subjects of science, mathematics, English, and other courses studied by the students. Expert counseling by seasoned and learned teaching coaches is also provided in this application.

khan academy app review

17.     Edmodoworld

edmodoworld app

It is a learning portal for students and teachers alike. The parents of the students also have access to the Edmodo application, and they can gain insight into their kids’ progress. It covers the students’ assignments, quizzes, and other course materials. The teachers can exchange materials and assignments with the students on Edmodo easily.

edmodo world

18.     Socrative Student

socrative student app

Another exciting interaction source for students and teachers is useful for creating a learning experience. Socrative is an adaptable application, and it is a lot of fun and enjoyable to implement. It is useful in expanding the understanding and comprehension of different academic concepts. The real data is originally displayed using this educational application.

socrative student app review

19.     Quizlet

quizlet app

The teachers can seek access to their students’ quizzes, tests, and short quiz assignments. There are several study sets created on Quizlet that different teachers make. The students are encouraged to undertake the quizzes for their practice using this app, and they are even motivated to undertake the quizzes that the top teachers in the town opt for. It is used for assessment of the knowledge of the students about languages, history, and other subjects.

quizlet app review

20.     Evernote

evernote app

Another impressive educational application is Evernote. Planning the courses, managing, organizing, and delivering the content to the students by the teachers is done using this app effectively. The feedback is even given to the students using this app most frequently.

evernote app review

21.     Science for Kids by Tappity

Tappity app

It is a creative and novel application destined to teach students science concepts. The topics are taught to the students to learn from using the experiments to be conducted and using different narratives. Parents and teachers frequently use this application to seek easy access to the latest scientific techniques to be used in academics.

tappity app review

22.     Google Earth

google earth

The geographical information is transmitted using this educational application. The geographic data is conveyed and transmitted using this Google Earth. In the context of the geo-spatial environment, Google Earth is meaningful. It is useful for teachers and instructors working in the field of sciences.

google earth review

The imagery across the globe is included in the application of Google Earth. The imagery for the whole world is meaningful at specific resolutions, which focuses on certain and relevant visual information.

The students use the application of Google Earth to find easy access to their homes, neighborhoods, popular streets, markets, and parks. They even can seek easy access to the most preferred locations by them easily. Comparison and contrast are easily drawn, too, using Google applications related to familiar locations.

23.     NASA


The students using this application can seek easy access to knowledge of the universe and the solar system. Navigation of the videos, photos, and other aspects of live feeds of the universe and the solar system are obtained using this NASA application.

NASA app review

The student’s thirst for the solar system and the universe is effectively obtained using this educational application. Vast amounts of information are obtained using this NASA application frequently.

24. Nearpod


It is a convenient and user-friendly application that focuses on establishing interactive lessons for students. The teachers majorly benefit the most from this application. The assessments, presentations delivered by the teachers, and other modes of digital content are all covered in this application of Nearpod.

nearpod app review

25.     Ta’allum Group


It is an app that has made it easy for students and their parents to complete and submit all the documents. Students can also pay the fee online. The payment process is secure, convenient, and hassle-free. The students and their parents can also stay up-to-date with the exam reports. Parents can monitor their kids’ attendance and keep track of their achievements.

taallum app review


The educational applications mentioned above are all useful for in delivering and disseminating the required information to Middle East students and teachers alike. Middle Eastern students gain by equipping themselves with the latest knowledge about different subjects of their academic disciplines at the college and school levels. The parents even can seek access to the educational portals of their children. These apps can help students educate themselves anywhere and anytime. Easy-to-access and handy apps can be installed on iPhones and pads, making learning and acquiring knowledge easy, interactive, and fun.

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