Threads 2023 vs. Twitter: The Battle for Attention in the Social Media Landscape

by Dr. Isma Amin

Since Musk took over Twitter in a $44 billion acquisition, many changes have been made to the text-based app that has alienated users and advertisers. Meta launched an app similar to Twitter called Threads to offer real-time conversation experience and photo and video sharing the users, which is quite similar to Twitter.

Threads introduction

However, the launch has raised a new threat as well as the battle for  Elon Musk as presented in his several tweets and letter written to the court for infringement of copyrights and theft of trade secrets;

Let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of this rivalry:

What is Threads 2023 by Meta

Instagram owner Meta, the company run by Mark Zuckerberg, also owns WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook. On Wednesday, Meta launched Twitter’s rival app called Threads in more than 100 countries, including but not limited to the US, Australia, Japan, Canada, and Britain. It’s a brand new place for real-time and public conversations.

Threads Logo

Which audience is Threads by Meta targeting

User dissatisfaction due to frequent changes done by Musk on Twitter, Meta launched a text-based app which has stirred up rivalry among the owners. Threads also focus on real-time conversations and updates like Twitter and public dialogue by incorporating the aesthetics of Instagram and the features of Twitter.

What is the aim of Threads by Meta

Threads focus on providing a separate space for Instagram users to engage in conversations. It also aims at providing users with a Twitter-like micro-blogging experience.

What are the key features and functionality of Threads by Meta

The user interface of Threads closely resembles that of the microblogging experience Twitter offers. Users get a 500-word limit, almost double the character limit provided by Twitter, which is a 280-character constraint.

Users are provided with the option to like, repost, quote, and reply to the threads. It will help foster engagement and meaningful interaction among the community.

Threads allow the users to add photos and videos of up to 5 minutes in length, which ultimately enhances the diversity of the content that can be shared on the platform.

Privacy and safety concerns of Threads

The app has collected various personal information of the users, which has altered the users regarding and raised various safety concerns.

There is data privacy disclosure on the App Store, which shows a wide range of data that is collected by threads. This data includes health and contacts, finances and purchase, search history, and location data.

The app is in its infancy and will need improvements and better user guidelines and control tools to protect user safety.

30 million people

Are threads available to everyone all over the world

Threads is available to more than 100 countries except for the European Union due to privacy laws and recent fines on Meta . Meta has yet to make plans to launch the social media platform in this area soon due to the various safety concerns and uncertainty in regulations.

Are people moving to and joining Thread

Almost 5 million people joined the social media platform in the first hours after its launch, as announced by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday.

Number of people who have joined Threads:

however, at the time of posting this blog post, users have surpassed 100 million mark.

How to use threads

Threads by Meta can be downloaded in Apple and Android app stores. It is available in more than 100 countries in the world.

threads app store

The users log in to threads via their Instagram accounts. The username and verification used by the user on Instagram are carried over to threads. The users have the option if they want to follow the same people they follow on Instagram or not.

find followers

Can one use threads if they don’t have an Instagram account

So far, Threads is only available to Instagram users. To experience Threads, users must sign up for Instagram first and then log into Threads.

log in with username

Will deleting the Threads account affect the Instagram account

The user can deactivate their profile at any time, but deleting the Threads profile will require deleting Instagram account as well once it’s made.

How are threads different than Twitter

Threads do not use hashtags like Twitter. It doesn’t have a specific search feature that allows users to search for specific text or phrases on Twitter. It allows 10 photo sharing limits like Instagram, unlike Twitter which allows users to share only 4 photos.

twitter vs threads

Is there going to be a legal war between Twitter and Threads

As per the news, Twitter has threatened to take legal action against Meta. Alex Spiro, an attorney representing Twitter, addressed a letter on Thursday. In the letter, Twitter accused Meta of unlawfully using the secret trade strategies employed by Twitter by hiring ex-Twitter employees. Meta responded by denying any accusations made by the Twitter team.

Will the feed show content from only the people I’m following

The content feed shows a mixture of posts from different accounts people follow and some other random accounts. The feed is a mixture of recommendations based on the algorithms and the accounts being followed. There is no option to filter the feed and view content only from the people the user follows.

Is there an option to send DMs

Threads still need the option to send direct messages to other users.

Is it possible to keep your Instagram account private while keeping the Threads account public

The user can keep their Instagram account personal and locked down while having a public Threads profile. But for the users who are under the age of 16, the threads account will be private by default. Users can make their Threads account private and choose who can reply to their posts on Thread.

Can threads users find followers from other social medial platforms

Threads have yet to allow users to find followers from other social media platforms, but the company is working on making the social media network interoperable.

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In the past, Facebook tried to compete with Twitter by introducing similar options. Still, the parent company has taken its best and boldest swipe by introducing Threads, a brand-new social media platform similar to Twitter. It has spurred arguments and created heat among the business owners of Twitter and Meta. Whether this platform will surpass Twitter in popularity is still debated. Still, more than ten million users have already signed up for the platform, including celebrities and food and entrainment industry moguls.



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