WhatsApp to allow users to switch OS with chat history

by Khurram Shahzad

WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned application, recently announced that they are introducing a new feature that will permit users to the history of their WhatsApp chat with them in case they change mobile operating systems. The company is said to be familiarizing the ability to move the entire history of WhatsApp chat comprising all media files such as voice notes, conversations, photos, and videos impeccably and securely in case of switching mobile operating systems. It is one of the most requested features by users over the years, and WhatsApp has worked inclusively with device manufacturers and operating systems to resolve the issue.

The new feature will be obtainable by both iOS platforms and Android users, which means the users will be capable of the switch from both devices. The concern alleged that it would start to reel out on Android-primarily, plus on Samsung’s latest Galaxy smartphones, revealed on August 11. Initially, the users can transfer their history from iOS to any other Android device plus will successively do the same on iOS devices. The feature which WhatsApp familiarized through works with Samsung devices as well as Samsung’s peculiar transfer tool identified as Smart switch. The smart switch allows users the transferal of contacts, voice notes, photos, music, schedules, and more to Galaxy devices.

At this instant, it will help in transferring the WhatsApp chat history too. The new tool has been shown by WhatsApp in the unpacked event of Samsung’s Galaxy and proclaimed that Samsung’s latest Galaxy foldable devices would get the feature initially. The feature will afterward be used on other Android devices as well. However, the company did not announce the exact date from when the iOS users can gain access but assured that the tea is still working to cater to worldwide users.

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