Help Me Write: How to Use Gmail’s New AI Feature to Generate Full Emails

by Khurram Shahzad

Are you looking to empower your email workflow but need help composing long, boring emails? The new AI-powered email-generating feature, “Help Me Write,” allows you to compose complete emails by feeding a detailed prompt.

This new feature will successfully help users to generate full emails and, as a result, to save the time and effort needed for the job.

  • What is this Feature
  • When was it launched
  • How to use the “Help Me Write”
  • How to use this new feature to the best of its abilities
  • How can the “Help Me Write” help you
  • Benefits of using “Help Me Write”
  • Drawbacks of using “Help Me Write”

What is this new feature:

The new feature introduced by Gmail that has incorporated impactful tools of AI to generate full emails for users is called “Help Me Write.” It’s the first such tool of its type. It also has some old features that were introduced years ago by Google, like Smart Compose, which automatically suggests phrases as the user types.

When was it launched:

This new feature, “Help Me Write” by Gmail, was introduced by the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, at O/I Google 2023 event. During the launch, he talked about how it can compose full emails of any type and complexity; you only have to add prompts. He demonstrated with an example where he added a prompt to ask for a ticket refund from an airline. “Help Me Write” managed to do it and blew the audience away with its precision and accuracy. Not only that, he shared how this feature saves the templates it is fed to personalize the experience for the user further.

How to use “Help Me Write” Gmail’s email writing feature:

1.    Click on the compose button:

You begin by starting to write an email.

2.    Click on the “h

Help me write Compose

Help me write” button:

Click on the button that says “Help me write.

3.    Insert prompt:

Start by giving the AI-powered email generator a prompt to compose the email. Make sure it is detailed.

Help me write create

4.    AI-generated draft:

AI will create a draft based on the prompt and the information you provide.

Help me write draft

5.    Edit the draft:

You can edit the draft using the Refine button to lengthen or shorten it, change its tone, and make it more or less formal per your demand.

edit draft

The Help Me Write tool slows the users to generate an unlimited email by simply adding a prompt and customizing it as per one’s need. The emails can be edited to make them longer or shorter. The tone of the email can also be changed to make them more or less personalized. This generated personalized and customized emails for each user.

How to use Gmail’s “Help Me Write” to the best of its abilities:

You must follow some things to get the best out of the email generator.

·       Detailed prompt:

Ensure to provide a prompt that’s accurate and as detailed as possible.

·       Be specific:

Instead of feeding the prompt with too much information, write a concise but detailed description of what you want to write.

·       Edit the email:

Make sure to utilize the refining option to edit the email. This helps enhance the user experience by making the emails more personalized and accurate.

·       Provide feedback:

Once you are done editing the email, provide feedback that it helps the service providers further improve the services as per public demand.

How can “Help Me Write” by Gmail help you:

“Help Me Write” can prove beneficial for all sorts of users. From students writing to actively communicate with their professors to employers writing automated emails to send to their employees, this tool reduced the time and effort required to write emails in this digital world.

1.    Customize and refine emails:

The tool can refine the emails and make them long or short. It can also be used to change the tone of the email. The tool offers the option to elaborate the email further to explain things and make them easily understandable for the receiver.

2.    Stay organized:

“Help Me Write” allows the users to stay organized as it saves the templates it is fed. The tool also suggests phrases, sentences, and paragraphs, which help save the time needed to search for correct words and spellings.

3.    Effective communication:

This tool allows the users to communicate effectively and efficiently in a very short time. One can swiftly write cover letters for job applications, emails, and thank you notes.

Benefits of using an AI-powered email generator by Gmail:

1.    Save time:

“Help Me Write” saves time and effort composing long, boring emails. Using the tool, one can generate emails by adding the prompt and customizing it per personal preference using the edit option. The refine option allows users to write personalized emails per one’s needs.

2.    Increase productivity and efficiency:

When the time required to write emails for a large number of people or writing one long email gets reduced, one can utilize that time for other important things. The emails generated are accurate and precise as per the prompt provided. This makes the email writing process efficient and less time-consuming. This is useful, especially for those users who receive a large number of emails every day.

3.    Reduce language barriers:

“Help Me Write” can understand most languages, and therefore it reduces the language barrier. English is not a native language known to common people in most regions worldwide. “Help Me Write” uses the prompts provided in one’s native language and generates emails in another language to make communication easier and help bridge gaps all around the globe.

4.    Maintain professionalism:

Users can draft an email quite swiftly using the automated email writing tool. It can be used to respond to inquiries and queries faster. Additionally, using consistent formats and tones in emails can enhance professionalism, especially for companies that have to send out a large number of emails every day.

5.    Enhanced communication:

People find it easier to express themselves in the language they are fluent in. By using this tool, one can generate contextually valid emails. This enhances communication and makes it more efficient for people to express themselves better and avoid misunderstanding.

6.    Improved accuracy:

“Help Me Write” suggests phrases, sentences, and even paragraphs. This reduced the time required to constantly google for better words, check grammar mistakes, and correct spelling errors, which saves a lot of time and effort that goes into checking and correcting mistakes repeatedly.

7.    Personalized emails:

“Help Me Write” allows users to personalize the emails by editing using the Refine option. One can shorten the email or enhance it. The tone of the email can also be changed to make it more or less personalized.

8.    Generate engaging emails:

Although there is no comparison for the human mind, “Help Me Write” can use the vast knowledge of AI to write engaging emails for the receivers. The information that has been digitalized in today’s age knows no bounds. The tool utilizes the information and stats to write accurate and engaging emails for the audience.

9.    Reach a large number of people:

“Help Me Write” understands and uses a wide variety of languages. This makes it easier for the sender to reach a wide range of audience.

10. Help with writer’s block:

Think about when you wanted to write an email but didn’t know what to write. Think about when you had an idea about what you wanted to write but didn’t have the right words to do it. “Help Me Write” solves that problem and writes complete emails based on one idea.

Drawbacks of using “Help Me Write”:

1.    Needs improvement:

This new tool is a game changer and is powerful, but it is still under development and needs improvement. Once it is made available for more people, the feedback will be used to improve further and enhance the experience.

2.    It’s not a human mind:

Despite being a powerful and useful tool, “Help Me Write” can never replace the human mind. Artificial Intelligence needs to understand the nuances of human cultures. It needs to understand the values and ethics that are personal to each human. Therefore, there’s always a chance for “Help Me Write” to generate contextually wrong emails.

3.    Can be difficult to use:

Since this new tool has been fed most of the dataset in English, it can be hard to use for people who need help understanding English.

Gmail’s New AI feature generates full emails in the Middle East:

The Middle East involves areas where English is not a native language. Despite having a command over this language due to proper education, people usually need help to express themselves as it is always easier to fully pen down your thoughts in a language that comes naturally to you. This problem has been solved using: Help Me Write”. This feature allows them to express themselves in their language and generate emails in English. It allows people to avail more opportunities and reduce the language gap hindering successful growth.


Gmail’s “Help Me Write” is a powerful tool. It is very useful as people are always looking for ways to reduce the time needed to generate emails. It can be a game changer and make the email writing process efficient, effective, and less time-consuming. It’s a tool still under development, and like other digital tools, it will be subjected to numerous changes and improvements over time. However, will it be completely free once it’s made available for everyone to use is still now known?

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